A World without Princes by Soman Chainani

61okrifizrl-_sx334_bo1204203200_Title: A World without Princes
Author: Soman Chainani
Series: The School for Good and Evil
Previous Book in the Series:
1. The School for Good and Evil
Date Started: July 18
Date Finished: July 20
Format: Hardcover from local library

After saving themselves and their fellow students from a life pitched against one another, Sophie and Agatha are back home again, living happily ever after. But life isn’t exactly a fairytale. When Agatha secretly wishes she’d chosen a different happy ending with Prince Tedros, the gates to the School for Good and Evil open once again. But Good and Evil are no longer enemies and Princes and Princesses may not be what they seem, as new bonds form and old ones shatter.

The lesson that can be taken away from this book is that even when the story ends, it doesn’t mean that everyone got their happily ever after. Believe it or not I actually loved the first part of this book. I loved that Agatha wasn’t happy just looking after Sophie – especially because Sophie was such a whiny little witch – and wished that she had another shot at her happy ending. I loved seeing The School for Good and Evil turn to The School for Girls and the School for Boys. And believe it or not I even liked that the girls realized that they didn’t need princes to have their happily ever afters. But…here we go again where it’s all or nothing in this book. Either you are a girl and you don’t need a prince or else you’re an outcast. There is no inbetween, no gray area, and that really bugged me. I get why it was like that of course, because it is the land of fairytales and everything is black and white. But it was like these characters didn’t learn from the last book that there can be a happy medium.

And I won’t even get into Sophie and Agatha. I mean, I understood that the friction in their friendship was meant to cause a rift between them, but still. It annoyed me that after everything they went through in the last book they would know better than that by now. Especially when it comes to friendship. You’re supposed to let the other person grow, not try to hold them back and hold onto how things used to be.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. I felt like it was the same as book one, just this time there were no princes and the characters were very bloodthirsty. Also, can we talk about the relationship between Agatha and Tedros? I mean, why does this relationship feel forced? Is it because they had such a sticky beginning, or is it because I just don’t like him? Hm…

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