Everlasting by Alyson Noël

9395215Title: Everlasting
Author: Alyson Noël
Series: The Immortals
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Evermore
2. Blue Moon
3. Shadowland
4. Dark Flame
5. Night Star
Date Started: April 20
Date Finished: April 21
Format: Hardcover from my shelf

Their darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest—to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body. If they can just find the antidote, they’ll finally be able to feel each other’s touch—and experience the passionate night they’ve been longing for. But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet…into the dark heart of Summerland.

Here in a land of scorched earth and endless rain, Ever and Damen will discover their relationship’s hidden origins, expose a secret history they never imagined…and come face to face with the true reason fate keeps tearing them apart. Only then, when the final mystery is unraveled and the last secret revealed, Ever and Damen’s future will hinge on one ultimate decision that will put everything at stake….even eternity.

After all the crap that I have given this series since book one, I was so excited to finally reach the conclusion that I actually read with fervor to find out what happens to Damen and Ever. Do they live happily ever after? Do they finally break the horrible curse that Roman put on them? Shockingly (heavy sarcasm here), they do both and they also do a few other things as well. First off, they find out that Ever wasn’t the only one who kept reincarnating. Damen did too. And the start of their history together was actually quite entertaining to read about. I also liked that we finally gave Damen a motivation for why he created the elixir – other than to save his orphan friends and bring meaning to his father’s unfinished work, of course. And just in case that isn’t enough, Ever gets all righteous on us. She realizes that what Jude has been saying all along is right. Being physically immortal isn’t natural, especially when she learns that her soul is immortal. So there has to be a way to reverse the effects, right?

Right. The mythical Tree of Life, isn’t as mythical. It actually exists and bears fruit that can help Ever reverse what the elixir did. The only problem? Damen isn’t too on board with the idea and leaves her to this quest alone. And I really do get it. After six hundred years of being immortal, it’s hard to go back to his human existence. I am pleased to say that he makes the right choice though in the end. And that moment that we’ve been waiting for since book 2, well…it was very satisfying.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. In a series that I had a hard time reading a good chunk of the time, the final book was actually quite nice to read. Ever no longer pisses me off. Damen actually does the right thing. Even the minor characters were a hoot. Especially Honor and Stacia. Talk about some serious character development. I still think some things came too easy for Ever – like all the immortals she ever killed forgiving and redeeming themselves?  – But it was a really good conclusion.

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