Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

28260524Title: Stealing Snow
Author: Danielle Paige
Date Started: December 12
Date Finished: December 14
Format: Hardcover from local library

Seventeen-year-old Snow has spent her life locked in Whittaker Psychiatric—but she isn’t crazy. And that’s not the worst of it. Her very first kiss proves anything but innocent…when Bale, her only love, turns violent. Despite Snow knowing that Bale would never truly hurt her, he is taken away—dashing her last hope for any sort of future in the mental ward she calls home. With nowhere else to turn, Snow finds herself drawn to a strange new orderly who whispers secrets in the night about a mysterious past and a kingdom that’s hers for the taking—if only she can find her way past the iron gates to the Tree that has been haunting her dreams.

Beyond the Tree lies Algid, a land far away from the real world, frozen by a ruthless king. And there too await the River Witch, a village boy named Kai, the charming thief Jagger, and a prophecy that Snow will save them all.

When I first read the summary to this book I was really excited to read it. A fairy tale twist on the story of the Snow Queen. It sounded right up my alley. And as I started reading Stealing Snow, I got this sense of deja vu. I couldn’t figure out why until Snow ran into the River Witch and her friends Kai and Gerde. They reminded me a lot of the Order of the Wicked from Paige’s other book series Dorothy Must Die. And as the story continued to unfold there were a lot of similarities. Then there was also the fact that this story was very disjointed. After years in a psych ward, Snow is very distrusting and seems to be focused on one thing – finding Bale, the boy she’s fallen in love with despite the fact that her kiss caused him to go insane and hurt her.

And let’s not get into Snow’s multiple suitors. There is Bale who I’ve already mentioned. Then there is Kai, who hates Snow because of the fact that she has magic and he doesn’t trust it, but out of the blue he kisses her anyway. And then there’s Jagger who has been invading her dreams so that he could persuade her to come to Algid. Each one of them are problematic and make me question if Snow shouldn’t go back to Whittaker alone. Especially because… *Spoiler* Her whole family – her insane father, the King and her mother the supposed Queen are in this prophecy together and if Snow doesn’t chose right will kill her. What the hell? Is there no one this girl can trust?

Final Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. I was not impressed and that makes me sad, because I really wanted this book to be great, like Dorothy Must Die was before the sequels. But it wasn’t and if anything made me want to throw the book away and stop reading a few times. From the ending, there looks to be a sequel, but I don’t have any intentions of reading it.

Bookshelf worthy? To quote Elsa, “Let it Go.”


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