A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

g_of_th_3Title: A Storm of Swords
Author: George R. R. Martin
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire
Previous Books in the Series:
1. A Game of Thrones
2. A Clash of Kings
Date Started: October 7
Date Finished: October 17
Format: Mass Trade Paperback from my own shelf

Of the five contenders for power, one is dead, another in disfavor, and still the wars rage as alliances are made and broken. Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne, the uneasy ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. His most bitter rival, Lord Stannis, stands defeated and disgraced, victim of the sorceress who holds him in her thrall. Young Robb still rules the North from the fortress of Riverrun. Meanwhile, making her way across a blood-drenched continent is the exiled queen, Daenerys, mistress of the only three dragons still left in the world. And as opposing forces maneuver for the final showdown, an army of barbaric wildlings arrives from the outermost limits of civilization, accompanied by a horde of mythical Others—a supernatural army of the living dead whose animated corpses are unstoppable. As the future of the land hangs in the balance, no one will rest until the Seven Kingdoms have exploded in a veritable storm of swords…

As with A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords got thicker – a whopping 1128 pages, my hand is STILL cramping from holding this one – and I must confess that our dear Martin seriously really needs to rethink his editor. Because the person isn’t really doing a great job. I know in writing when you’re creating a whole new world it’s fun to create all these characters and their backstories/histories, but unless it’s substantial to the plot the reader doesn’t need to know about them, they can be your juicy little secret. And I felt that Martin in this book really wanted us to know every minor character’s history, while on one hand it’s interesting, on the other – save the pages man! I already have enough going on in this book I don’t need to remember all these characters and what they did when they grew up, besides by the end it probably won’t even matter because they will be dead.

And yes, death does run rampant in this book – this is the book with the famed Red Wedding and jeez, I’m really glad that I wasn’t a guest at that one – or the other one for that matter either. I’m actually kind of curious as to why this book was called A Storm of Swords when Four Weddings and a lot of Funerals would have been a better title. Between Sansa marrying the Imp – which I won’t really get into – Catelyn Stark’s brother marrying one of the Lord of Frey’s daughters, King Joffrey marrying Lord Renly’s widow, and Littlefinger marrying Catelyn Stark’s sister I was just up in arms. I guess Martin had to offset all those deaths with a little romance/treaty making.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. This book was way too long! But there was a lot of interesting plot developments. Between Jaime Lannister’s character development, Jon Snow’s story arc, Tyrion’s fall from grace, the deaths of beloved characters, the mysterious Others and a certain character’s resurrection and my interest is piqued. Thankfully it looks like book 4 is shorter.

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