Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

15601186-_sy540_Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Sequel to: Anna and the French Kiss
Date Started: July 11
Date Finished: July 15
Format: ebook from the digital library

Lola has always had a colorful personality. It has to deal with what she wears. She wears crazy outfits and always pairs them with a wig. No one really knows the real Lola. She has two dads who love her desperately. She has a best friend who takes her eccentric nature in stride because she’s heavily into detective novels. And she also has a boyfriend, who is in a band and also happens to be 22. Her dads don’t like him, they think he’s too old for her, but know better than to forbid her from seeing him so they have a strict policy. Mandatory check ins when they are on dates and a mandatory weekly brunch where the dads grill him endlessly. It is at one of these brunches when the worst thing happens.

A new family moves in next door, but they’re not really new. They’ve been there before and Lola knows them well. There is Calliope Bell – the famous figure skater – who she used to be friends with in elementary school before Cal became to cool to hang out with her anymore. And then there’s the other twin – Cricket – who did something so unspeakable to Lola that even her dads know that a nervous breakdown is about to happen. Except it really doesn’t. Lola has convinced herself that she has moved on from all of that. From being rejected from her first love. That is until she sees him and realizes that she hasn’t moved on, at all.

Okay, so I caved and decided to read another book by Stephanie Perkins even though I’m not supposed to even be in the P’s of my reading list – unless it’s a new release – yet. But I saw that it was available on the digital library and I finished the book I was reading at work on Monday with a few hours left in my shift so… Anyway, I didn’t think I was going to like this book at first. Lola was a tad over dramatic for my tastes and her boyfriend Max wasn’t all that great to be honest with you. Plus there was this whole Cricket thing that she was being super vague about so I assumed the worst right off the bat. However, when Anna and St. Clair make their appearance and the truth about what happened between Lola and Cricket years ago surfaces I have to admit, I was hooked again. Here is another forbidden romance that I was rooting for even though I knew the path that would take them there would be full of angst and drama. But man was it worth it.

Lola’s eccentric ways grew on me and her dark history with her birth mother was intriguing. I also am a huge sucker for friendships between couples before they actually start dating, so Cricket and Lola were perfect in my opinion. The whole time that she was still with Max I was just waiting for her to dump his ass. The guy was a jerk. What twenty-two year old goes after a fifteen year old? Someone who’s bad news, that’s who. I mean, c’mon he didn’t even like her best friend, but he expected her to like his? How lame.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. The angst. The drama. The friendships. The cameos by Anna and St. Clair. I don’t usually like books that are ‘sequels’ but really aren’t, but this one I absolutely adored. I also have to laugh because of all the figure skating mentions, because I work at a figure skating training facility so I knew all those terms that she was using to describe Cal’s journey. Talk about not being able to separate myself from work.

Bookshelf worthy? Looks like I have another book to add to my Kindle wishlist.


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