Revisited: Twilight by Meg Cabot

93724Title: Twilight
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: The Mediator
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Shadowland
2. Ninth Key
3. Reunion
4. Darkest Hour
5. Haunted
Original Date Started: April 23, 2013
Original Date Finished: April 24, 2013
Format: Paperback from my own shelf

Susannah Simon’s junior year has had one interesting start. She has gone from being completely excited about starting school to completely dreading it when Paul Slater – her worst enemy and guy who seems to be crushing on her – shows up to make her life a living hell. Then there is the whole issue with Jesse who moved out of her bedroom not because he didn’t like Suze the same way she liked him, but because he had feelings for her too and didn’t find it proper to be living with her. Now, she has a twisted deal with Paul – she’ll attend his mediator/shifter lessons just as long as he doesn’t try to get rid of Jesse. And the deal, despite Suze’s misgivings seems to be working.

That is until one night when she runs into Paul and he cryptically suggests that he might not send Jesse’s soul to the shadowland, but instead make it so that way he lives a full life. She’s confused and doesn’t understand until she has a talk with Paul’s grandfather. As a shifter they have the ability to go back in time to help a ghost and make it so that they don’t die. But it’s tricky and takes away brain cells, and Suze knows that Paul is willing to do it if it means he gets what he wants. Her.

Here’s a reason that I’m really glad I got rid of my old copies of the Mediator books and bought new ones – in my old copy of Twilight I was stupid and wrote in the margins my thoughts that also kind of gave away what happens at the end. When I borrowed the book to friends they weren’t too happy with me, and when I read it again in ’13 I kind of got why. They were annoying little comments. That stuff is best saved for fanfic chapters. Anyway, for a series that I liked I wasn’t all that thrilled with this book. At the time it was the final book in the series and I have to say that I didn’t like it at all. The plot lines were tied up to neatly. Not to mention, it’s another book that has to deal with time travel and the thought of different timelines makes my head hurt.

Also there was the fact that Suze – who sometimes can be rather daft, but other wise is smart – was really dumb in this book. She let her feelings for Jesse get in the way of just common sense. That is not the Suze I’ve come to love over the course of five books. Although, I have to admit the ending did have me choked up for a few minutes and the way that Paul helped was kind of nice of him.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. My rating hasn’t changed since 2013. Four stars because it was okay and it did tie up the plot lines in a nice bow. I just think it was a little too easy. Okay. Done with the reread, now I can focus on Proposal and Remembrance, finally!

Bookshelf worthy? Remind me to never write in the margins of my books again!


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