Revisited: Reunion by Meg Cabot

e66c9d29d8d3e5dbabe591664b7a40a9Title: Reunion
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: The Mediator
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Shadowland
2. Ninth Key
Original Date Started: April 14, 2013
Original Date Finished: April 17, 2013
Format: Paperback from my own shelf

Suze Simon has adjusted to life in sunny Carmel, California. She’s sent a few ghosts packing, she’s still dealing with the ghost – Jesse – who lives in her bedroom, and she is even somewhat popular. Her adjustment is just in time too, because her best friend from New York – Gina – is visiting for the week and she is so excited. Hanging out with her best friend by lying on the beach and soaking up some rays, while occasionally going to school? Sounds like a good time to Suze. But, of course, Suze isn’t that lucky. While picking up some drinks at the local mart at one of the beaches, she sees something completely odd. Four teenagers dressed in formal wear trying to pinch a case of beer. Suze knows that there’s no way the store owner is going to let them get away with that, so why are they even bothering?

That’s when she notices the truth. They’re not alive. They’re ghosts. They’re the spirits of the four teens who died in a horrific car accident the other night. Should be a breeze, because she has handled worse cases, right? Wrong. It starts when Jesse mentions that the four spirits are angry and he’s concerned for Suze’s wellfare. Then when she actually sees the ghosts again their sending down a plaster Mardi Gras head onto a fellow classmate of hers. The classmate who was in the other car and walked away unscathed. Now, she knows that it’s a matter of revenge…but who’s?

I’ve said it in my other reviews for this series, and I don’t mind saying it again. I love these books a lot. And even though it’s been over a decade since I first read them, they are still great. Suze is sarcastic and sensitive. Her relationship with her mom is wonderful and not annoying like some YA books are. Even her relationship with her step-brothers is wonderful, especially in this book with all the character development. I found it cute when Jake and Brad would call Suze’s mom, Mom. Also when Suze goes to take care of Michael for ‘hurting her family,’ I found that adorable. The little moments of Jesse and Suze were nice too and I have to wonder. With everything that Suze has been saying in this book about how she wished that she could have two guys fight over her, isn’t something that that actually happens in the next few books? Be careful what you wish for, Suze!

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Great story. Great characters. I’m with Gina and CeeCee though, what is with Suze and her record with guys? First, Bryce, then Tad, and now Michael? If it wasn’t for the way Jesse has been smiling at her and calling her ‘querida’ in the last few books, I’d think there was something wrong with her.

Bookshelf worthy? I have the UK omnibuses of book 3, 4, 5 and 6. What do you think?


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