One with You by Sylvia Day

one-with-youTitle: One with You
Author: Sylvia Day
Series: Crossfire
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Bared to You
2. Reflected in You
3. Entwined with You
4. Captivated by You
Date Started: May 28
Date Finished: June 2
Format: ebook from the digital library

Eva and Gideon are used to drama in their lives. Since they met they have been through it all; the jealousy, the crazy exs, the traumatic pasts, the media, and the fear of losing each other. They have even walked away a few times just to get some space and some clarity. Now that they are married – and coming back after another recent separation – things should be slightly easier. Eva has told Gideon where she stands on his influence in her life. She’s also demanded that he continue his therapy and his closure with the traumatic events in his past. Gideon accepts her demands grudgingly, but as they move closer to their ‘wedding’ it’s getting real easy to talk things out.

Eva tells her parents the truth about Gideon and her and how they are already married. It doesn’t go over completely well, but they do come to accept it. They also accept Gideon into the family, which is very odd for him to be a part of considering his history with families. Eva leaves her job because she has so much on her plate that she can’t focus on everything at the moment. Gideon finally has it out with his mother, who is getting a divorce from his stepfather because of the revelations made in the last book. Gideon and his stepfather get closer because of it. But that still leaves one issue at hand. The problem of Gideon’s exes…

In previous reviews for this series, I go on and on about my likes and hates, but for this book there really wasn’t much that I didn’t like. The problematic couple from the previous four books, actually became a strong, steady relationship. How crazy is that? Now, that’s some character development for you! I also liked that Day didn’t throw a pregnancy in at the last moment, like other erotic authors do, you get to see Gideon and Eva live out their happily ever after on their honeymoon. Even the sex scenes weren’t all that overly done. However, there were a few things that I wasn’t one hundred percent okay with. One, I didn’t like the fact that after the huge argument that Gideon and Eva had in the last book over her employment situation, she does end up quitting her job. Granted, she doesn’t go to work for Cross Industries, she quits to focus on the wedding and her personal life, but you know her working for Gideon is just inevitable. The second thing I didn’t like was the ‘climax’ of the book. I won’t spoil it because this is a rather new release, but meh. It fell kind of flat and added some unneeded backwards progress to Gideon’s character.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. I’m shocked with how much I actually liked reading this book, considering the trouble I had with the other four. Eva and Gideon really have grown as characters since book 1 and the series ended on a nice conclusion.

Bookshelf worthy? The price is still too high for my blood on the iBookstore, so I rented digitally. But eventually I’m hoping to own the complete set…


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