Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

16117506Title: Beautiful Stranger
Author: Christina Lauren
Series: Beautiful Bastard
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Beautiful Bastard
1.5. Beautiful Bitch
Date Started: May 13
Date Finished: May 20
Format: ebook from the digital library

In the first two books of the Beautiful Bastard series we are introduced to Chloe and Bennett as they tried to navigate love, work and sex. In Beautiful Stranger we are introduced to two new characters who have a connection to the other two. Sara Dillon is running away from the life she’s known in Chicago being the arm candy of the local senator who was famous for being unfaithful. In New York, she’s hoping to break free from those chains by starting over and things seem to be going great. She’s got a fantastic job working with one of her best friends and on the night of Chloe’s wedding shower, she runs into a mysterious stranger at the bar who takes her breath away. He flirts with her and makes really good innuendo and things are looking promising, except that she doesn’t want to go home with him. She walks away and onto the dance floor, where he watches her dance the whole time. When she leaves the floor, he follows and things heat up against the wall of the upper floor of the club. After, she leaves him with her panties on the floor and knows that she’ll never see him again.

The mysterious stranger is Max Stella, a prestigious businessman with a keen eye for art and known to be a playboy in New York. He’s friends with Bennett Ryan and is obsessed with the girl he met in the club who’s panties are burning a whole in his bureau drawer. When he goes to pay his old friend a visit he’s surprised to find Sara in the halls. She’s surprised to and tries to blow him off, but there is still a streak of electricity between them and they act on it. Before it can consume them both, Sara sets up some ground rules, they will only meet once a week and not at either of their apartments. They’ll have sex and then they’ll go their separate ways until the following week. But as usual, the best plans…

Okay, I’ve probably stated before how much I don’t like sequels to books that aren’t really sequels at all because they have different characters than their predecessors. When I found out that Beautiful Stranger was one of those, I was kind of annoyed. You have all this great buildup from the other two books, and you switch things up with different characters? *grumble* However, when I started reading I was immediately drawn in because of the prologue. Sara’s life has just imploded and she’s at the airport and on the phone with Chloe coming to stay in New York? Great! Why did her life implode? I was curious to find out, and then the story jumped to her already working and celebrating Chloe’s impending nuptials. Then the whole club scene happened with the beautiful stranger and I was hooked. There was no turning back.

The relationship that blossoms between Sara and Max is dirty and hot and at the same time really sweet as things progress. This is definitely not a book to read at work, especially when you constantly seem to get interrupted just as things are getting interesting. lol. I will admit that the only thing I didn’t really like about this book was the big push them apart before their wonderful makeup moment. It was predictable and quite frankly not as tear them apart worthy as it should have been. Now, if Max hadn’t told Sara that his phone and SD card with all the photos had been stolen, things might have been a tad bit more interesting. But alas…

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I know, I complain about the huge conflict moment, and yet this book gets 5 stars? Yeah, well, the story was still really good and the strife that came after the conflict was just downright angsty. The makeup scene was even better, just cut a little too short. Hopefully I get to see Sara and Max again in another story?

Bookshelf worthy? They are on my wishlist on Amazon, I’m just waiting for the price to go down.


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