Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

51j8Y4ki3RL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Open Road Summer
Author: Emery Lord
Date Started: May 13
Date Finished: May 15
Format: Hardcover from local library

Reagan has had a bad year. Between acting out, getting arrested, doing community service and getting out of a bad relationship she is in desperate need of a change. Lucky for her, it’s summer vacation and her best friend just happens to be Lilah Montgomery, country’s biggest new artist who is embarking on a summer tour. She invites Reagan along for the ride and she agrees thinking it will be awesome – not only to spend time with her best friend but she can also take some photos for her photojournalism portfolio. But even though things start out great, things turn sour when a ‘nude’ photo of Dee – Lilah’s real name – with her longtime boyfriend pops up on the internet.

The record label decides to do damage control with a ‘fake’ relationship with Matt Finch – formerly of the boy band the Finch Four – and invites him to be the opening act on her tour. Reagan isn’t all that happy about it, because unfortunately for her, she’s attracted to him and he is a flirt. But she’s sworn off guys for the summer and she doesn’t want to hurt her friend in anyway, but when they’re around each other for so long things are bound to happen.

This book combines a lot of my favorite things into a wonderful 342 pages – a contemporary romance, set in the summer, with a music tour, and a relationship that starts out as a witty friendship. I loved the character of Reagan, she is everything I love about a female heroine. She’s smart, but at the same time a rebel and she’s sarcastic as hell. Matt is wholesome and witty with a little bit of a tragic backstory. And they are perfect together – no matter the little bumps the author tried to throw their way. I especially loved how these two characters finally get together. Any other girl – myself included – would be flattered that a guy like Matt wrote them a song, but not Reagan! I honestly thought she was going to punch the guy out when she went to his dressing room. I was pleasantly surprised when they ended up having a shouting match that ended in some serious – and much needed – makeout session. My one big complaint was the ending. After everything that happened between Reagan and Matt, I kind of felt that the book ended with their relationship in limbo. I mean, sure, they kissed, but with all that talk of giving her time and seeing how it goes? I don’t know…

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Despite the fuzzy ending, I still absolutely adored this book.

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