November 9 by Colleen Hoover

25111004Title: November 9
Author: Colleen Hoover
Date Started: May 2
Date Finished: May 11
Format: ebook from the digital library

Fallon and Ben both have an aversion to the date November 9th. Ben hates the day for dark mysterious personal reason. Fallon hates the date because her whole life changed two years ago. She was sixteen and decided to stay at her dad’s house for the night. There was a fire and her father forgot that she was there, until it was almost too late. She has scars and her whole acting career was put on halt because no one wants to hire her with those scars. She is bitter especially towards her father, so when she has to meet him for breakfast on that date two years later, she isn’t all that happy. She’s especially not happy when he tells her that his girlfriend is pregnant. And she’s just downright pissed when her father has the audacity to criticize the way that she’s been living her life.

But that’s when Ben drops down and introduces himself as Fallon’s boyfriend. And despite how crazy it is, she goes with it. Even crazier is when they finally ditch her father, there’s actually a connection there. The problem is, Fallon is moving to New York tomorrow and Ben is supposed to be working on some great novel. So they agree to keep meeting on this date for the next five years and see where the adventure takes them…

Here is another book that I just have too many feels about. How is it possible to have so much character development for two characters when they only meet once a year? You don’t see their lives in between the November 9ths and yet, you can tell that these characters have grown with each year that passes. Fallon and Ben’s relationship is the cutest thing in the freaking world. I love that Ben is a writer with some sort of dark secret – that isn’t really even hinted at until year 2 and not brought up again until year 5 – and I loved that Fallon was not all that confident about herself, until Ben told her to be because she was fucking beautiful. *screams into a pillow*

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Considering I’ve been on a supernatural/science fiction binge lately, this contemporary was just the thing that I needed. The characters are awesome. The plot line is unique. I just wish that I hadn’t read it at work, because during the fourth and fifth November 9ths I was a total mess!

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