Fallen by Lauren Kate

FallenTitle: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Series: Fallen
Date Started: March 9
Date Finished: March 11
Format: ebook from the digital library

Lucinda hates shadows, and not your typical shadows either, but the ones that she’s been seeing all of her life. Shadows that move and make noises that aren’t human. She hates them because by seeing them she knows that she’s not normal. And because they keep leading her into trouble. The recent bout lead to Trevor’s death and her not being able to explain sanely how such a thing happened. She gets sent to Swords & Cross, a boarding school for the teenage delinquents who are troubled and Luce isn’t too happy about it. But it seems to be okay, within the first few minutes of being there she makes a friend in Arrianne and might have caught bad boy Cam’s attention. But what about the guy who she really can’t stop looking at? Who sees her and flips her off?

His name is Daniel and no matter what Luce seems to do he brushes her off and gives her the cold shoulder. But there are moments where he is nice and he says something that causes her to think. Not to mention this feeling that she’s seen him somewhere before…

I read this series originally when I was in high school and I instantly loved it…then. Look, I’m all for fallen angels and love stories, but jeez Lucinda. There is a fine line between a crush and crazy stalker territory and you crossed that line MANY times during the course of this 389-paged book. Granted, Lucinda and Daniel are star-crossed lovers and have been in love over countless lifetimes and her feeling that connection without actually knowing about it is what causes the stalker tendencies. But still…you’re seeing shadows that move and have killed two people in three months, you don’t think that takes up a little more presidence? Boy craziness aside, this book does have a good story line to it, and left me with a lot of questions – especially because its been a while since I’ve last read the series. Also the relationships she has with Arrianne and Penn – especially Penn – actually made me smile. Friendship is everything, authors, never forget that.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Average and only because of the OMG DANIEL mentality that Luce had during the book when there were other things that she needed to be thinking about. However, I am intrigued to continue on – and if I’m being honest I’m already over halfway through Torment which is book 2.

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