Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

latestTitle: Glass Sword
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Series: Red Queen Trilogy
Previous Book in the Series:
1. Red Queen
Date Started: February 26
Date Finished: March 7
Format: ebook from the digital library

Mare Barrow is on the run. She used to be a Red – born with red blood with nothing special about her – until one day she accidentally revealed that she had Silver – born with silver blood and special abilities – abilities to the royal families. They took her in and tried to make her one of them, but she never wanted to be one of them. She planned a coup along with a few other Silvers – including her betrothed and the younger prince Maven – and the Scarlet Guard – an organization made up of Reds who go against the crown. She thought it was going to work out until she learned some horrifying truths. The Queen killed Cal – the older prince -mother and that her special gifts aren’t as rare as she thought. There are hundreds of people like her – newbloods – and thankfully she has a list. But she forgot one very important lesson. In this time, anyone can betray anyone.

Maven betrayed her. The Queen forced Cal to execute his own father and Maven arrested him for being a traitor along with Mare. They were to fight to the death in the arena, until they somehow escaped. Now they are on the run, but Mare has a plan. A poorly hatched plan, but a plan nonetheless. She has the list of the newbloods and she is going to save them, because Maven has that list too and he’s coming for them. Only instead of killing them, she wants to protect them and maybe use them to form an army that will help take down the Silvers once and for all.

All aboard! The train for the second book doldrums is here. Please watch your step. There are major spoilers ahead. I will admit that among a few other titles, Glass Sword was probably one of my most anticipated books for the year because Red Queen was so good and I couldn’t wait to see what Aveyard had in store. Because of that excitement I think I forgot how I usually feel about second books in series. Usually, I try not to get my hopes up because second books don’t always measure up. They have a doldrum effect, and Glass Sword was no exception. Don’t get me wrong, in someways this book was good. Mare’s world got to be further explored outside of the Stilts and the palace, and her weird dynamic between Cal and herself and Maven and herself was somewhat explored, but other than that. *shrugs*

This book fell flat. There was a lot of fighting going on. A lot of boring filler that included finding the newbloods and not always being on time to save them from Maven’s forces. Prejudices against the Silvers and Mare for being what she is. Cal and Mare experiencing PTSD from their time in the arena. Mare realizing that her brother Shade isn’t dead and is also like her. Kilorn finally admitting his feelings for Mare, but she admits she can never feel that way towards him  and him being okay with that. Some minor plot twists and dramatic moments were thrown in too just to spice things up a little bit, however they didn’t really do that. Even that one character’s death near the end, didn’t leave me feeling anything, and I’m pretty sure that’s not a good sign.

Mare was whiny, more so than in the last book. Mare was different and not in a good way. She acted a lot like the Silvers that she so despised with how she craves for power and these newbloods. Her only saving grace is the fact that she realizes that she is becoming a monster because of her vendetta against Maven and his mother, but I still think her realization and the intervention that Cal tries to enforce is a little bit too late. Mare is set on her path and she won’t stop until she’s succeeded.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. I’m disappointed. There wasn’t a lot of plot progression in this book and the cliffhanger ending that was intended did not hit the designated mark. I saw it coming. There were only so many times Mare and the other could have escaped before the worst was to happen. However, I am curious to see how all of this plays out. The introduction of those two character near the end was an interesting twist, and I want to see how that factors into the final book.

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