Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray

17234659Title: Ten Thousand Skies Above You
Author: Claudia Gray
Series: Firebird Trilogy
Previous Books in the Series:
1. A Thousand Pieces of You
Date Started: February 21
Date Finished: February 23
Format: Hardcover from local library

Marguerite Caine has travelled through different dimensions in search of one person; the person she thought murdered her father. But as it turned out, he didn’t murder her father. He was framed, because Henry Caine was never killed, he was only thrust into a different dimension thanks to one Wyatt Conley. Wyatt is the CEO of a corporation called Triad and he wants Marguerite to work for him, because she is the ‘perfect traveller.’ She remembers who she is in each dimension without having to set reminders for herself. And once Marguerite, Paul and Henry come back from one of the dimensions there is a lot of fallout.

Wyatt is desperate for Marguerite to work for him, so much so that he comes up with multiple offers that involve a lot of money to lure her to his side. Paul and Marguerite are dealing with their newfound love. Theo has to deal with the fact that someone from the Triad dimension hijacked his body for months and tried to kill Marguerite. And the family has to figure out what they are going to do now that they know that Wyatt is the bad guy. Obviously the best plan is to deny his offers of employment and to continue on with their research. But it isn’t to be. One night, Theo has a seizure and it turns out that because of the person who hijacked him used a serum to stay in him for so long, Theo’s body is starting to shut down.

That’s when Wyatt comes to them with another offer. He’ll give Marguerite an antidote that will counteract the effects, as long as she promises not to travel to the Triad dimension to find it. Paul doesn’t like it and goes into the dimension himself, but gets caught. Wyatt, to punish him, splinters his soul and offers Marguerite a new deal. If she does a few tasks for him he’ll give her the location of Paul’s splinters so that way she can make him whole and give her the serum for Theo. Not knowing what else to do, Marguerite agrees and goes on another adventure through the dimensions, but this time not everyone will come out unscathed.

Here’s what I like about this book, the science portion of it – especially the travel between dimensions – doesn’t go over my head. Marguerite’s relationship with Paul is still super cute no matter which dimension they travel to (although in the New York one…), and her friendship with Theo is amazing too. I like the fact that although he acknowledges have feelings for her, he doesn’t push himself onto her, he respects her choice to be with Paul. However, here is what I don’t like about this book – the constant switching from present day events to events that happened after the previous book’s end was getting on my nerves. Sometimes I wished that those events were separated by a new chapter or a distinctive break marker or something. It got really confusing trying to figure out if it was in the past or if it was the present. Also, that ending! Things are getting complicated fast! Yikes, when is book 3 coming out again?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. For a science fiction book I’m glad that the technical stuff doesn’t go too far over my head. The relationships are cute, but the constant switching of time got out of hand.

Bookshelf worthy? I wonder if another dimension of me has a lot of bookshelves…


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