Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

EveryLastWordTitle: Every Last Word
Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Date Started: February 11
Date Finished: February 13
Format: hardcover from my local library

Samantha is your typical normal girl. Well, normal being the operative word. She’s friends with a group of girls who are the high school elite. They call themselves the Crazy Eights and have been friends since kindergarten. But lately she’s not so sure that they’re really are her friends. It doesn’t help either that Samantha has a form of OCD that makes even the little thing – like driving – a panic attack waiting to happen.

At the start of junior year, however, she is determined to have a fresh start, because she really likes Summer Sam – a side of her personality that only appears during the summer – and wants her to stay. On the first day, that all goes to pot though when she is disinvited t one of her friends birthday spa weekends due to a booking mix-up. She runs off because she feels a panic attack coming on, and she runs into a girl from a theater class. Her name is Caroline and apparently they have had a locker in the same area since freshman year. She listens to Sam as she complains about her friends and tells her – the first person other than her family – about her OCD. Caroline tells her to come back in a few days because she wants to show her something that will change her life.

That something turns out to be a secret club down in the basement of the theater. However, the guy guarding the door knows Sam from a long time ago and only will let her in once. It turns out to be a Poet’s Corner where people read their poems, writing, anything and everyone just listens and offers support when needed. Sam wants to go back, but AJ is blocking her way and she needs to figure out what it was that she did to him s long ago.

I’ll admit I was kind of skeptical about this book too. I found it in an in a magazine and thought the summary was interesting. So I added it to my reading list, but that was a few months ago. When I finally picked up I couldn’t remember why I had added it and thought for sure this was going to be another one of those books that I was only going to read 20 pages and give up. I was so wrong. Right from the start, I’m grabbed by Sam’s condition and how she works through it. Then I’m introduced to AJ and the Poet’s Corner and I just couldn’t put this book down. I had a few other books – with sooner due dates – that I should have been reading instead, but I just…I needed to know what happened between AJ and Sam, and whether or not the Poet’s Corner was going to help Sam with her issues. And that plot twist near the end had me gasping – although I started picking up on it just before the big reveal, I just hoped I was wrong.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Another great contemporary. The characters are great. The plot line was good too. I was really sad to see this book end.

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