The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

RestOfUsJustLiveHere_EpicReadsTitle: The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Author: Patrick Ness
Date Started: February 9
Date Finished: February 11
Format: Hardcover from my local library

Imagine this. You live in a small town, you’re friends with a few people (your older sister, the jock who’s actually gay, and your sister’s best friend who you’ve been madly in love with for forever) and you’re about to graduate from high school. But then weird things start happening in town, something of the supernatural variety, not that you know that, you’re painfully ignorant. You notice the weird but you’re not a hundred percent sure what it’s all about. Because you and your friends aren’t the ‘Chosen One.’ You’re just the secondary characters who have their own problems other than the weird blue light and spooky looking deer.

*sigh* Where to even begin with this book? Hm…okay, look I loved the concept of this book. What if there’s something big and supernatural going on in a town, but the narrator and his friends aren’t the ones who are supposed to save it? Great. The diversity of characters – a jock who’s guy and a quarter God (which I will get into later) and a POC as the narrator’s love interest – fantastic! But, unfortunately, that’s where the greatness ends. The story line is confusing. I mean, for one thing, you’re entered into this world where apparently supernatural things are the norm – soul eating ghosts and vampires – and the ‘indie’ kids are the group of Chosen Ones who have already blown up the school in the past to save the world. And Jared – the jock I mentioned earlier – also happens to be a quarter god who can heal minor injuries and has cats flock to him.

Now, I know I loved the concept of the book, but now I know why it has never been done before. It was kind of boring – and at times I felt like I needed to be smoking something to follow along with some of these conversations – and I also really wanted to know what was going on more with the Chosen Ones than the narrator and his group of friends.

Final Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. Points for originality and diverse characters, but a confusing, boring, kind of out there story line that almost reminded me of the movie Horns.

Bookshelf worthy? Pass.


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