Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway

13132816Title: Emmy and Oliver
Author: Robin Benway
Date Started: January 28
Date Finished: January 31
Format: Hardcover from local library

Emmy and Oliver have been best friends since they were kids, because they have the same birthday and live right next door to each other. But everything changes when Oliver’s father kidnaps him when he is seven and he isn’t seen for the next ten years. However, thanks to a fingerprinting in a CSI class, the police in New York find him and bring him home. Now, Oliver has to adjust to the life he was supposed to have and Emmy has to adjust to who her friend used to be.

Just in case it wasn’t clear in my many reviews of books by Sarah Dessen, I am a sucker for contemporaries. The whole girl likes guy, guy and girl fall for each other, something drives them apart, and they eventually make their way back together again, formula is just a nice change of pace from my usual kingdoms being taken over by an evil dictator, rebellions, and magic. I especially love them when they have twists, and this one was definitely twisty.

The whole angle of Oliver being kidnapped and brought back home really added an element to the story that I wasn’t expecting. You get to see how hard it is for the guy to reunite with his mom after ten years of being away from her and being led to believe that she didn’t want him. It was also cool, because like with most YA novels the main protagonist’s parents drove me absolutely nuts. Because of what happened ten years ago, they’ve practically wrapped Emmy in bubble wrap and won’t let her do anything dangerous plus they have already told her that instead of going away to college next fall she’s going to a community college. Which is why Emmy hasn’t told them that she applied to UC San Diego and likes to surf. When she gets in, it does eventually blow up in Emmy’s face, but in the end I believe it leads to an overdue discussion about what her parents have been doing to her all these years.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The amount of sass in this book was insane, and there were a lot of moments that I found myself laughing out loud. Emmy and Oliver are cute not only as friends but as boyfriend and girlfriend too and even though I bitch a lot about a guy friend’s and how they always become something more and how it bugs me, it didn’t really bug me this time around. My only complaint was that Emmy’s parents got a little bit too overprotective of their daughter. I mean, who gets grounded for getting into a college? Honestly.

Bookshelf worthy? Instead of stowing a surf board and a wet suit in my car, I should seriously look into storing books…


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