Shopaholic & Baby by Sophia Kinsella

9420._UY475_SS475_Title: Shopaholic & Baby
Author: Sophia Kinsella
Series: Shopaholic
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Confessions of a Shopaholic
2. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
3. Shopaholic Ties the Knot
4. Shopaholic & Sister
Date Started: January 2
Date Finished: January 5
Format: Mass Trade Paperback from local library

In the last book, Becky Brandon found out that she was pregnant. This book picks up with a few months left to go in her pregnancy and things are getting a little crazy. Luke and Becky have sold their flat and are still in the market for a new home, but they have to be out by Christmas. They found the perfect house though – and thanks to some fab dealing by Becky – have closed on it. So that’s one problem out of the way. The next problem has to deal with Becky’s OBGYN. They’re using the doctor that delivered Luke but Becky isn’t getting the best vibes from him. He’s very old school.

So when she hears about the new it-list doctor, she has to get an appointment with her and she does. What she’s not expecting though is for the new doctor to be Luke’s ex-girlfriend from his university days. And it blows her away, but it shouldn’t be a problem because she isn’t the type to get jealous. Nope. Not a chance. But when Luke starts spending more time with her alone and as Becky gets nearer to her due date things become really intense. Is Luke the type of guy to cheat on her?

Shockingly enough Becky’s spending habits in this book didn’t give me second hand anxiety like the previous four have. I was too wrapped up in Becky’s paranoia of Luke cheating on her with Venetia to give it much thought. That woman was a total cow and deserved the nickname Cruella de Venetia. Suze and Jess were no help in the matter either, trying to reassure her that it was all in her head – and yeah, sure it was, but c’mon – when she was clearly in distress. But of course, the reason for Luke’s weird mood and distance from Becky was because of issues at work. He wouldn’t cheat on her. He loves her!

I have to admit that final confrontation between Becky/Luke/Venetia was actually quite awesome. The way Luke stood up for Becky and defended her made me want to reach in and fist bump him.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Another good read full of some typical drama. I wonder how long Becky, Luke and Minnie are going to be staying with Becky’s parents? And that little girl better watch out. I have a feeling she inherited her mother’s spending tendencies.

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