Chosen at Nightfall by C.C. Hunter

15745371 Chosen at Nightfall
Author: C.C. Hunter
Series: Shadow Falls
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Born at Midnight
2. Awake at Dawn
3. Taken at Dusk
4. Whispers at Moonrise
Date Started: December 17
Date Finished: December 19
Format: Paperback from local library

In the stunning conclusion to the Shadow Falls series – yes, I did actually type that phrase to describe this book – Kylie is living with her real grandfather and aunt on the chameleon preservation. Despite wanting to be there because she wants to learn how to control her powers, she feels isolated. Her grandfather is so paranoid about the FRU finding them that he limits her contact with Holiday and anyone she knew back in Shadow Falls. But her loneliness doesn’t last when Burnett, Derek and Lucas show up to tell her about an even that happened back at the camp. Something that has to deal with her.

Her friend Helen was attacked, and everyone believes it was Mario – the rogue chameleon who’s been after her since book 1 – who did it to drag Kylie out of hiding so that way he can attack. Knowing that it is because of her and knowing that she isn’t safe among her own kind, she decides to go back to Shadow Falls, but even that is complicated. Between the chameleon elders wanting to kidnap her and make her stay, Lucas still hanging around despite everything he’s done, and the whole Mario situation the last thing Kylie needs is another ghost. But that’s just what she gets, however this ghost brings along something with her other than a threat of kill someone or else you will die. A sword, a sword that makes everyone at camp believe that Kylie is not just a protector but a holy warrior.

Okay, so I ate this book up. I seriously read over half of it in one day and the only reason I put it down was because I had to go to sleep for work the next morning. The drama between Lucas and Kylie was just delicious and if I didn’t like Lucas before I certainly love him a lot more now. Holiday and Burnett’s relationship was entertaining too – especially because not only were they trying to plan a wedding but they also found out some surprising news. And the friendship between Kylie, Della, and Miranda was great too. My one complaint about this book was just how much drama was within 399 pages. I know this was a conclusion to the series, but did there have to be a dramatic scene every five pages? Sheesh.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Yes, I’m shocked too, but the book was actually really good. The characters have grown on me since book 1 and the conclusion was actually pretty satisfying. Now, the debate is on whether or not I want to read the spin-off series…

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