Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter

12866426Title: Taken at Dusk
Author: C.C. Hunter
Series: Shadow Falls
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Born at Midnight
2. Awake at Dawn
Date Started: December 9
Date Finished: December 10
Format: Paperback from library co-op

Kylie Galen doesn’t know what she is and she’s been spending the last four months trying to figure that out. She’s hoping that she will get a major clue when her father’s adoptive parents show up at camp to meet her for the first time. But just as she thinks she’s getting answers, it is revealed that the couple that came to see her wasn’t who they said they were. Burnett – the vampire who works with Holiday as camp advisor – promises that they will investigate the matter, because they need to know whom the couple works for. Like maybe the old vampire and his grandson who kidnapped her in the last book?

With that in her head, Kylie has a lot of other stuff going on. She’s still trying to figure out who she is and it doesn’t get any clearer even when her brain pattern is finally revealed to the others – they just see a human, but everyone knows that that can’t be right. She also has to deal with an evil deer and eagle, a persistent blue jay, another ghost who may or may not be a baby murderer, and Derek comes back to the camp making the whole Lucas-Derek-Kylie love triangle go up a few notches. For someone who may not be normal she sure does have a lot of normal teenaged problems.

For the record, this book made me feel really stupid, and it’s only because the whole time I was trying to figure out what Kylie was I kept missing important details that Hunter was dropping. Like the fact that her brain pattern keeps changing? That was a huge clue that I totally overlooked so when it was revealed that she was a chameleon – oh, don’t look at me that way, this book has been out since 2012 and it’s book 3 in the series – I felt like slapping myself upside the head. Duh.

I still feel like this is really bad fanfiction though. I mean, the love triangle drama was just a little bit too over the top. Kylie herself is a little bit too overdramatic. I would not want to be that girl, she basically thinks the world is ending every five minutes because of some new detail in her life. Lucas likes me? The world is ending. Derek declared his love for me? The world is ending. Holiday is letting Burnett walk away? The world is ending. I understand that she is a teenager and it might feel that way, but c’mon, I was a teenager once too and I didn’t have this many the world is ending angsty moments.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. What is it going to take for me to rate these books higher than three stars? A good climax for one. This book didn’t really have a climax in my opinion. Sure, you could claim the whole Ellie death thing and the death of the vampire who wanted to marry Kylie in the last book counts, but meh. It fell kind of flat to be a true climax.

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