Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter

10800916Title: Awake at Dawn
Author: C.C. Hunter
Series: Shadow Falls
Previous Book in the Series:
1. Born at Midnight
Date Started: December 4
Date Finished: December 8
Format: Paperback from library co-op

Kylie Galen’s life has literally been turned upside down this summer and it’s all thanks to being sent to Shadow Falls camp. But unlike what the website states, this camp isn’t for teenage delinquents, it’s for teenagers with unique abilities. Like being a vampire, witch, werewolf, fairy, or shape shifter. But even amongst the supernatural, Kylie is still labeled weird. She can see ghosts and her brain – which should show her unique signature – is shut off to the other supernaturals around her. But as Awake at Dawn begins, things are getting really strange when at a vampire ceremony, Kylie takes a sip of blood and likes it.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there when she’s also being followed around by a wolf, her strength and hearing are heightened, her mood swings go over the top, and she has a huge growth spurt. The questions about what Kylie really is continue to grow in number and even she is confused and doesn’t know where to find the answers. She decides to start with Daniel – her real dad – adoptive parents, hoping that maybe they can fill in the blanks. But even as she struggles with who she is, she also has to decide which boy she likes. Derek – the always there for her – fairy who can manipulate her emotions? Or Lucas – the mysterious guy from her past – wolf who left camp with his ex-hookup? Let the drama commence.

Do you ever read bad fanfiction? But for some reason, despite how bad it is you can’t stop reading it because you want to know how things end? That was me with Awake at Dawn and right now with the Shadow Falls series. Of course, while I was reading this book I didn’t realize it was bad fanfiction, I thought it was just a really average written book. Until Holiday – the camp counselor – mentioned how Kylie’s powers reminded her more of a Guardian than a specific supernatural, than I started putting some dots together. Okay, so we have Kylie a human who thinks she is normal until she comes to this camp where no one can read her brain signature. Her powers turn out to be a sign that she is some sort of guardian. While at the same time she is in a love triangle with a wolf and a fairy. Take out Kylie, her ghost seeing powers, and the fairy and replace them with Bella, tantalizing scent of her blood, and a vampire and you could pretty much have an AU Twilight fanfiction. Just saying.

Anyway, the reason I think this book annoyed me is because of Kylie again. She is very woe is me woe is me and I swear that a good 75% of this book is her complaining about either her powers or her relationships. Get a grip and move on. The only thing that really saved this book to me – and is really the only reason I’m still reading this series – is because of Lucas. I’m really hoping she chooses him. The book got loads better when he came back to camp.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Average. The main character is over the top and the love triangle is kind of annoying, but at the same time adds a little zest in an otherwise infuriating book.

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