Elegy by Tara Hudson

elegy-200Title: Elegy
Author: Tara Hudson
Series: Hereafter Trilogy
Previous Books in the Series:
1. Hereafter
2. Arise
Date Started: November 30
Date Finished: December 3
Format: Hardcover from library co-op

Amelia, Joshua, and Jillian have been back from New Orleans for the last three months and things have gone back to the way they were. Sort of. Amelia isn’t the same ghost that she was when she left, she is now Risen – and has a form that everybody can see now, if she wants. When Elegy begins, she’s on the front porch of her mother’s house and is getting ready to face her for the first time in ten years, but she chickens out. And for good reason. The demons who were haunting her in New Orleans are still haunting her now, even though she is trying desperately to get back to the netherworld so that way she can get both her father and her friend Gaby back. Even if that means destroying High Road Bridge to do so.

But of course, the demons won’t let her get away with that, because despite everything they still want her and her mysterious gifts and they make her a deal. She either comes to them or for every week she doesn’t, someone close to her will die. And it starts with her former best friend – the one who pushed her off the bridge ten years ago. At a loss of what to do, Amelia has to turn to some unlikely sources for help and even then it might not be enough to end things for good.

The final book of the Hereafter Trilogy was just as sigh inducing as the previous one. This time though it wasn’t because of too much information, it was because of lack of information. Instead going out and kicking some ass, Amelia spends a lot of time not only worrying about what to do about her demon problem, but making out with Joshua too. Now, I know I’m supposed to be head-over-heals for the guy because he’s the narrator’s love interest and all, but…his character was very lackluster in this book. It was almost as if he what Amelia said in Arise when she broke up with him briefly finally hit home. What kind of life could he have with a girl like her? And it was because of this realization I think that the ending didn’t hit quite as many of my feels as it should have if he hadn’t.

Speaking of which, the ending absolutely sucked. I mean, I went through all of that for a very unsatisfying ending? You’re telling me that there was no redemption possible for… *sigh* I want my money back…oh, wait. It was a library book, never mind.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Even though characters fell a little flat and were somewhat annoying, it was still a good read. I’ve read worse over the last few years.

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