Six of Crows by Leigh Barudgo

23437156Title: Six of Crows
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Date Started: November 25
Date Finished: November 28
Format: Hardcover from local library

In Ketterdam things are never easy, you’re either trying to hard to stay alive or you’re in a gang and are still trying to stay alive. When Six of Crows begins you’re automatically dropped into a meeting between Kaz – a member of the Dregs – and a member of the Black Tips. Things aren’t going well with this meeting and there are people who end up dead and traitors are named. But somehow, despite the odds, Kaz and his crew walk out of the scuffle mostly unscathed. That’s when things get interesting one of the merchants approaches Kaz to do a job for him. A new drug that can heighten the abilities of the Grisha has hit the market and the Fjerds have captured its maker and are keeping him prisoner. The merchant – Van Eck – wants Kaz and a crew to go into the Ice Court and rescue him. Or else the economies as they know it will go sideways.

It’s an impossible task and Kaz sees no profit in it for him. Why would he care if the economy goes sideways? So Van Eck sweetens the pot. He offers thirty million krug if Kaz and his crew succeed in delivering this drug’s creator to him. Not one to pass on such an exuberant amount of money he accepts. But before he can get in to an impenetrable fortress he’s going to need a crew. He already has his Wraith – Inej – who is like a shadow and gets him out of sticky situations. He has his guns – Jesper – who is sharp at shooting but not so sharp at the gambling tables. And he even has a mechanic of sorts – Van Eck’s son Wylan – who will do anything to prove himself worthy. Now all he needs a Grisha and someone who knows the Ice Court well. And he has just the two people in mind. Too bad neither of them can stand each other…

So I have to admit that I absolutely adored this book. Leigh Bardugo is really awesome at what she does and the world in which she has created – which is really an extension of the Grisha universe – is just so detailed. It’s amazing. Her characters are great too. Kaz is such a hard character to love because of his actions, but at the same time his actions are what drew me to his character to begin with. The relationship between Nina and Matthias is also so complicated in love/hate that I was literally pulling my hair out by the end of the book with the constant back and forth. I won’t even get into the Inej and Kaz relationship, although with that ending… Oh, I won’t spoil it. If you want to know what happens go and read this book!

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Most first books in a new series usually start out slow and this one did not. You’re dropped into the action and intrigue right away. The characters are well developed and the cliffhanger is to die for.

Bookshelf worthy? I need more shelf space. Or floor space.


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