Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland

180487331Title: Promise of Shadows
Author: Justina Ireland
Date Started: November 15
Date Finished: November 17
Format: Hardcover from library co-op

Zephyr Mourning is in hell. No, literally she is in the Pits of Tartarus and has been working down there ever since the Aetheral Council sentenced her to an eternity in Tartarus. You see before she was sent there, she was a Harpy (or would have been if she hadn’t failed her trials because she is a complete and utter failure) with a sister named Whisper who one day she came home to with her body on the floor and one of Hera’s generals of her Acolytes on the scene. Zephyr lost her temper and killed him with a dark form of magic that her kind don’t usually possess. Hera, of course, wanted her head but the council was lenient and sent her to hell instead.

However, in the year that she has been down there she has only made one friend Cass and after a meeting with Hades that doesn’t go over well, both of them make a run for it and run into more of their kind – a kid named Blue and an old friend from Zephyr’s past, Tallon – they get them out of there and that’s when she learns the truth. A prophecy was made a long time ago that a Nyx would emerge and save the vaenter (think demi-god) race from the Etherals and the Exalted (think the big 12 of the Greek gods). Because of what Zephyr did to Hera’s general they believe that she is the Nyx. Too bad that Zephyr knows better because all her life she has been a failure at everything…

This book started off weird. You begin this book in the pits of Tartarus with no idea what is going on and Zephyr throws all these different terms at you and you try to keep up with not only those terms but the chain of events that led Zep into the pits. I will admit, that after she gets out of the Underworld and the prophecy about the Nyx is given things got really interesting and fast. Why is it, Hera is always such a bitch in all the books about Greek mythology that I read? I mean honestly, this girl needs to calm down.

As for the character of Zephyr, I actually really loved her. I love main characters who know that they’re flawed and she was definitely one of those. She fails at everything she tries to set out to do, she is whiny (although that did get kind of annoying near the end) and she has a wicked temper and doesn’t really apologize for it all that often. She was just supposed to be a Harpy not some race saving Nyx that is also the daughter of… Well, I’ll let you read this book before I let that information slip. Trust me, it’s a good twist.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. No vampires, wolves or witches and no real teenage drama. Just a girl who’s trying to make her way through a Greek mythology world who has the power over the darkness. A very enjoyable read.

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