Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Title: Hereafter
Author: Tara Hudson
Series: Hereafter Trilogy
Date Started: November 5
Date Finished: November 10
Format: Hardcover from library co-op

I like coming across strange and different books. Hereafter is definitely one of those. When this book begins we are transported to Amelia having a nightmare about drowning. Only this nightmare that Amelia had actually happened. She died drowning. And when she wakes up from that dream, she’s back in the river that she drowned in over by High Bridge Road. This time, though, it’s different because there is someone else in there with her. A boy’s car went through a hole in the bridge and into the river below. The boy somehow made it out of the car and is on his way down below. But Amelia won’t let him die. There isn’t much that she can do though because she is a ghost and can’t touch him. Something weird happens though when she yells at him to wake up – he does and for the briefest of moments he looks right at her. Realizing he is drowning he swims towards the surface.

While the paramedics are attending to him, he finds Amelia in the crowd and looks right at her, which unnerves her after so long without anyone being able to see her. The ambulance takes him away and she thinks that’s the last she’ll see of him. But he comes back a few days later and there is some sort of weird connection between the two of them that they can’t deny. Yet, there romance may not to be, not if Eli – another ghost, the head ghost of the hereafter – has anything to say about it.

Like I said before I like coming across strange and different books. This book definitely had the different and strange thing going for it. The concept of having a ghost being the main narrator was totally different for me and I thought for sure that I had actually picked up a book from The Mediator series by mistake. Amelia, as cool as being a ghost was, was still pretty annoying and there were a few times where I just hoped that Eli would succeed and take her away only so that I didn’t have to deal with her anymore. But, she also had her moments – especially near the end – that made me change my mind a few times. Joshua – the boy she saves – is weird too. He’s Mr. Popular, but when he gets rescued by Amelia he becomes sort of the indie rock guy that you kind of have a crush on, if that makes any sense. It turns out that Joshua can see Amelia because he is part of something called Seers who when they have their ‘afterlife event’ can see the ghosts that remain  unclaimed in the world. Huh.

Eli on the other hand…dude he is the one bad boy who is just too bad. He’s so bad that it is kind of a turn off. It’s sick and slimy and every time he made his appearance I got the worst taste in my mouth. Especially when he started all his talk about picking Amelia personally to become his apprentice and how she belonged to him. One of those moments that I was talking about that I really liked Amelia in? When she told him basically to fuck off when he told her that she should be grateful to him for saving her. What. An. Ass.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Because I was flipflopping between liking these characters and hating them, this story only gets three stars. It was a good read and I’m intrigued to find out what happens next, but I’m hoping there will be some clarification as to who that dude and girl were who showed up at the end of the book.

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