Perfect by Ellen Hopkins

Title: Perfect
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Sequel to: Impulse
Date Started: October 17
Date Finished: October 29
Format: audio book
Narrators: Heather Lind, Aya Cash, Aaron Tveit, and Tristan Wilds

In this sequel to Impulse, we meet four new characters; Cara – Connor’s sister – who is dealing with the last months of high school while her brother is in Aspen Springs and realizing that there is more to life than what her parents want. Kendra – Connor’s ex-girlfriend – who is trying her best to become a world class model one calorie at a time. Sean – Cara’s boyfriend – who is circulating his whole life around one girl and is doing his best – even if that means taking performance enhancing drugs – to make sure that he ends up where she does next fall. Andre – Kendra’s sister’s boyfriend – who is a dancer even though his parents want him to be something more than just that. These characters though go through major changes though as the book progresses.

Cara realizes that she is no longer in love with Sean and is actually into girls while also trying to deal with her parents controlling aspect of her life. Kendra has a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout the book as she goes from being the girl that no one wants to the girl who has an eating disorder, sleeps with a director to get a big photo campaign, and the girl who has some huge daddy issues. Sean should have just had a book about himself. His use of steroids leads to ‘roids rage and some really stupid decisions on his part. Like, the fact that he takes it way too far with Cara one night, which ends up costing him the girl. And because of this rage he doesn’t seem to understand why he lost her and refuses to let her go, ultimately becoming a stalker and revealing Cara’s secret to their group of friends. Andre was the only character in this book that didn’t really seem to fit and I wish that instead of his character we got Kendra’s sister Jenna instead.

This book’s penultimate scene is when Cara’s parents get the call that Connor is dead and we finally – after almost seven hours of audio – get to see the aftermath of that incident and some familiar characters in Vanessa and Tony. Perfect’s ending was not really perfect, I kind of wish that there was a little more. I mean, Tony and Vanessa hand Cara the note that Connor’s mother sent him folded into a paper triangle and that’s it. The end. What does Cara do with that information? And why did Hopkins chose to end the book there and, not to mention, start this book with these four characters lives basically where Impulse began?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Not quite the sequel I was expecting it was more of a companion book that should have been read along with Impulse. I felt like this book could have dealt more with the fallout of Connor’s death, and that Sean got off a little too easily on the whole stalking and spreading pornographic images thing. But still a good story.

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  1. It does sound really interesting, if a little confusing!


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