Identical by Ellen Hopkins

71plocw-n2lTitle: Identical
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Date Started: October 24
Date Finished: October 26
Format: Paperback from local library

Meet the twins, Kaeleigh and Raeanne who are identical down to the last facial feature. Identical except for their personalities. Kaeleigh is quiet, shy, and hates confrontations. Raeanne is outgoing, promiscuous, and will get into your face without a second thought. But both hide a dangerous secret that stems back to an accident that their mother and father were in years ago and that changed their family forever. Their mother now distances herself from the family and is working on becoming a member of the US Congress. Their father, the judge, just wants his wife home and drinks his problems away and also spends way too much time in the twins’ room.

I want to say that this book was refreshing compared to Smoke and don’t get me wrong, it was. But I’m not sure if I liked the content of this book at all. The idea that a father could do that to his own daughter kind of made me sick and every time their father would show up I dreaded it as much as Kaeleigh did. There were a lot of moments where I wanted her to actually rely on her best friend/romantic interest Ian and tell him about what was going on, but I get why she didn’t. Her father is a prestigious judge and her mother was running for Congress to get away from the family, if she told the secret, it could ruin both their careers or people wouldn’t believe her. It’s not excusable, but I get why she was so scared to let it come out.

Barely one hundred pages in, I was sort of wondering if the twin thing was a plot device that Hopkins did on purpose. Because wouldn’t it be funny if Kaeleigh and Raeanne were actually the same person and one or the other was only imagining being this other form of themselves? Imagine my surprise, near the end of the book, when my theory was proven right. Even though I kind of guessed at it early on, it was still kind of shocking and confusing. So, Raeanne and Kaeleigh were in the car with their parents during the accident and Raeanne died, and due to the trauma of that accident and what her father was doing to her, Kaeleigh created another personality for herself based off of her sister. But, instead of going by Kaeleigh she went by her sister’s name. What’s confusing to me is that we had this whole book dealing with both sister’s, and when we dealt with Raeanne her teachers would call her by that name and not Kaeleigh. Talk about misleading.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. The only reason this book is getting such a relatively low rating from me is because of subject matter and the confusion I felt while reading it. It was still an excellently written book and the storyline was engaging, just really disgusting in some places.

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