Smoke by Ellen Hopkins

8664957Title: Smoke
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Sequel to: Burned
Date Started: October 16
Date Finished: October 22
Format: Hardcover from local library

When we last left Pattyn Von Stratten she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. She had lost the love of her life and his baby all because her father wouldn’t let her leave the house and his control. In her grief, she swears revenge on everyone that was involved with Ethan’s death. Starting with her father. When Smoke begins, she is on the run and Jackie – her sister – has to deal with the fallout of what happened. But Jackie has ghosts of her own from that night and she might just crack under the pressure.

So I have to admit, after the way Burned ended I was expecting something a little bit more catastrophic to have happened than what actually did. Pattyn was on the run for shooting and killing her father, which I didn’t understand. Her father was beating the living crap out of Jackie – almost on the brink of killing her – just because she had just been raped by one of the Mormon boys. Why would she run considering it was self-defense? It still didn’t make sense as the book continued along and it was revealed that it wasn’t Pattyn who shot him, but Jackie. For one thing, Jackie was a minor and it was still self-defense. Why would Pattyn try to take the fall for something that wouldn’t have amounted to anything – as the results of the end of the book showed?

Outside of the huge mystery, the book follows Jackie and Pattyn as they deal with the fallout and I have to admit that I wasn’t all that happy with both stories. Don’t get me wrong the characters were good, especially Jackie as she tried to stand up to her mother and live past both her father’s death and her rape, but why is it the female characters in Hopkins books always rely on a male character to build them back up and they always fall for that character? It’s starting to get a little repetitive.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Shockingly there was a satisfying end to this series that started in Burned. I just wish characters had been less repetitive and predictable.

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One Response to Smoke by Ellen Hopkins

  1. Jordan Bates says:

    See I didn’t see it as repetitiveness, Peyton has only been able to rely on men in her life so it makes sense. And Hopkins other stories don’t all rely on men, but the concept of finding that one person to give yourself to and rely on for when bad things happen. Peyton ran away because I don’t know if you remember, but Peyton’s father basically owns the whole town. That was how he got her and Ethan chased. No one would have believed self defense and no one would have believed Jackie shot her father. Peyton didn’t want to be there any more, so this was her out.


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