Firewalker by Josephine Angelini

51jxhlzm6tl-_sx337_bo1204203200_Title: Firewalker
Author: Josephine Angelini
Series: Worldwalker Trilogy
Previous Book in the Series:
1. Trial by Fire
Date Started: October 7
Date Finished: October 8
Format: Hardcover from library co-op

Lily Proctor has done the impossible, especially for her. The girl who was allergic to the world has worldwalked into a parallel universe that’s similar to her own, but not. This world has magic and in this world she is Lillian the witch of Salem. And what a witch she is. Lily doesn’t want to be anything like her counterpart and with an army she went to war against her. Somehow, though, during that war she worldwalked again, this time with Rowan – her head mechanic – at her side and back to her world. When she arrives though everything isn’t as she left it.

She’s been missing for three months. The FBI have mounted an investigation into her disappearance where Tristan is their lead suspect. When she returns, she is badly burned to the point of death and her mother, her sister Juliet and Rowan must do everything in their power to save her. While they do, she is in contact with Lillian who shows her how exactly her world (and herself) got so messed up. Through memories, Lily sees the trouble of world jumping, but she also sees how Lillian became the villain and doesn’t want anything more to do with her counter part. But Lillian won’t take no for an answer. She wants Lily back in her world, and she’ll stop at nothing – even murder – to make sure she comes back.

The problem with reading these books nine months apart, was the fact that the events of Trial by Fire were really hazy to me. I couldn’t really remember what had happened, but thankfully Firewalker took care of that by sort of going through a ‘previously on’ portion. Anyway, this book was basically just as good as the first one, if not better. The characters got fleshed out some more, and there were a few twists in the book that I didn’t really see coming. Lily has grown so much since book one that I’m really curious to see where her path leads her in book 3, especially with what happened at the end of this one. The character of Rowan confuses me a lot though. On one hand I really like him – he’s exactly the kind of guy Lily needs in her life – but on the other hand I don’t. I think he confuses his job as her head mechanic with loving her, which messes up his priorities big time. Then there was what happened at the end of this book. After what he did why was he going after her? Tristan is a character that I don’t really care for. I mean, as Lily’s friend, he’s perfect, but as her love interest? Not so much. Like, if he truly felt for her the way he says he does, then why would he spend so much time with those other girls? It doesn’t make sense.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. A good read that builds on the world and characters that we met in the first novel. Just another confusing ending.

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