Changeling by Philippa Gregory

Title: Changeling
Author: Philippa Gregory
Series: Order of Darkness
Date Started: September 15
Date Finished: September 17
Format: ebook from the digital library

Another Philippa Gregory book that was filled with disappointment. But unlike previous books, this one takes place in Italy and we’re introduced to two characters – Luca and Isolde. Luca is an orphan who still believes his parents are alive and has a special gift with numbers. This gift brings unwanted attention, but one man asks him to join his order where he will go on journeys to bring about religious justice. Isolde is a young woman of 17 who has just lost her father. According to the old will, she was to get his lands except for those in France which would go to her brother. However, in the last days of his life, he refused to see his daughter and would only speak to her brother. After his death, her brother tells her that the old will is void and in the new will the brother gets everything and Isolde has two options. She can either marry or go into sanctuary. She does not wish to marry – especially the oaf that her brother chooses – and goes unwillingly into sanctuary.

Luca and Isolde’s paths cross when he is called to her abbey to investigate strange occurances that make it look like Isolde is the guilty party.

I’d made this book sound a lot more interesting then it actually was. There was a good chunk of it that I actually skimmed over because there was really no plot to this book. The characters were really flat and a good 99% of the time I seriously wondered what the hell was the point? It’s two days that I will not get back.

Final Rating: 1 out of 5 stars. Gregory, you’re really letting me down lately. In fact I’m really skeptical to read The Taming of a Queen now. This book is part of a series, but I can’t stomach reading anymore.

Bookshelf worthy? Run. Run far away.


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