The Huntress by Susan Carroll

266934Title: The Huntress
Author: Susan Carroll
Series: The Dark Queen Saga
Previous Books in the Series:
1. The Dark Queen
2. The Courtesan
3. The Silver Rose
Date Started: August 18
Date Finished: August 21
Format: Paperback from my local library

So when I finished The Silver Rose, I was kind of curious as to why there was another set of three books for this series. The Cheney sisters all had their happily ever afters, what could Carroll possibly write about? The answer as it turns out is the character we met in book 3. Megaera – the Silver Rose – is still at large in the French court even though her father carried her away to England and the Silver Rose was supposed to have died with Cassandra. But the Silver Rose still has followers who are looking for Meg, and the Dark Queen is hot on the trail because she knows that Meg also has the elusive Book of Shadows. Ariane is displeased to hear that the Dark Queen is on Meg’s tail, and sends out someone of her own to help protect Meg – Cat – considering that she is in no state to go herself.

Cat is more than happy to go and help her Lady of Faire Isle, but there is one thing she didn’t count on. The protectiveness of Meg’s father – Martin le Loup – and his stubborn attitude that he doesn’t need Cat’s help protecting her from the threat of the Dark Queen and those that still believe she is the Silver Rose. Eventually, he reluctantly agrees to let Cat stay on and protect his daughter, and things get rather interesting with these two hard-headed people living under the same roof…

What can I say? Here was another good tale with a lot of political intrigue and romance. Carroll is really good at building up relationships between the main heroine and her love interest, to the point where you just kind of sit there and go – holy crap just get it on already! Out of all those relationships I think I liked this one the best. Cat’s hard headedness and Martin’s sense of pride made their fall for each other very entertaining, even from the first meeting. It was fun too to see familiar characters placed throughout the book – like the Dark Queen, Ariane, and her husband Justice – while also being introduced to new ones. The change of scenery was also nice too.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. A really good continuation of a series that I thought had nowhere else to go. I’m glad that I was proven wrong though. However, with the Book of Shadows finally destroyed, I am curious as to where book 5 and 6 will lead. Guess there’s only one way to find out.

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