The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester

Title: The Line Between
Author: Tamsyn Bester
Date Started: July 25
Date Finished: August 1
Format: ebook from my iBook collection

I’m a sucker for romance novels as of late, and when I saw I ❤ Fictional People’s post on this book I was kind of intrigued. A modern/erotic take on Romeo and Juliet? Sign me up! And I wasn’t all that disappointed either.

I’m jumping ahead of myself though. This is the story of Kennedy Monroe and Dane Winters. Their families have hated each other for generations and Dane wants to continue that trend. Every chance he gets he always tries to torture Kennedy, and she always lets him and doesn’t put up much of a fight because she has her older brother Charlie and her best friend – Dane’s sister – Jewel to rely on. But everything changes the night of Kennedy’s high school graduation. There’s an accident and both Charlie and Jewel are killed. Not being able to handle losing the two people she relied on most in her life, Kennedy disappears down to Georgia with her grandparents for a year. But eventually she has to come back for college, and in her first twenty-four hours she already runs into Dane. And he picks things up right where they left them, only a little bit more intense.

The only problem is, these daily torturing stics aren’t what they used to be. At least, not for Dane. He’s hiding his feelings by torturing her, and it’s getting harder to control them, especially now that Kennedy is fighting back…

The Line Between is a really, really good book, especially if you’re in need of a good pick me up or distraction. Most of the time I don’t like books that are slow at the beginning, but this one was an exception. The slow buildup of sexual tension and back story was actually an asset. You got to see where Kennedy and Dane’s relationship started and the confusion that both parties have when it hits the ultimate climax and the fallout from it. It’s also really entertaining to watch as Dane slowly starts to fall for her as more than just his enemy turned bed partner too.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this book and the only reason it took me a week to read it was because I was trying to make it last. My only complaint was how cheesy romantic the ending was. But considering Dane made fun of his sister for her love of cliches, I guess it was a nice tie in to all of that.

Bookshelf worthy? It seems to just be available electronically, but I don’t regret the purchase.

Before you scamper off to go read this book, I have an Instagram for this blog now where I’ll be posting currently reading pics, book haul pics, reading list pics, and anything book related. Please give me a follow: @andytmbnes.


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