Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot

31xeenvkzgl-_sx329_bo1204203200_Title: Princess on the Brink
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries
Previous Books in the Series:
1. The Princess Diaries
2. Princess in the Spotlight
3. Princess in Love
4. Princess in Waiting
5. Princess in Pink
6. Princess in Training
7. Party Princess
Date Read: July 23
Format: Paperback from my own shelf

Let’s do a time jump again! We go from the beginning of March to the beginning of September and the start of Mia’s junior year of high school. Her hair is super short and as always she has no idea what’s going on in her math class – Precalc this year – or her science class – Chemistry – and she still doesn’t understand why Ms. Martinez put her into Intro to Creative Writing. But that’s not the biggest bombshell this book has to offer. It turns out Michael hasn’t moved into his dorm yet and the reason behind that is he’s going to Japan. For a whole year. Yeah, so while Mia was away over the summer in Genovia, Michael was working on this robotic arm that will help the medical industry. A company in Japan heard about it and wants him to make a full working model of it. His professors have arranged for him to get full credit and a little stipend and he wants to make a name for himself so that way her family (namely Grandmére) thinks he’s worthy to be with Mia.

It’s admirable, really, but *sigh* Let me talk about how much I hated this book. First off, I hate Mia’s attitude towards Ms. Martinez. You’re in Intro to Creative Writing to hone your craft, missy. It’s not an attack on YOU personally, and what are you going to do one day when you have editors who criticize the hell out of your work? And then, instead of congratulating your boyfriend for getting this amazing opportunity, you make it all about you. How am I going to live without him? Why does he have to go? Newsflash, blondie, he’s going for YOU. As for Michael, he wasn’t my favorite character either. I mean, you know how your girlfriend gets about things, and yet you tell her that it’s a good thing you’re going because you can’t be with her and not have sex with her? Dude, I didn’t think you were such a horn dog.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Since I’ve done my reread of this series, I’ve been boosting my original ratings, but for this one I’m keeping it the same. The writing was great – as always – I was just so annoyed with the characters and I’m not sure if I like J.P. at all, really. I mean, he’s a good friend, but I think he has ulterior motives when it comes to Mia. He does like blondes who are thin and tall and that’s exactly what Mia is. Just sayin’.

Bookshelf worthy? Teal this time around. Is it to hide my tears of my annoyance/heartbreak?


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