The Liebster Award

liebster-awardI was nominated on Monday for the Liebster Award by Audrey over at Forwards and Bookwords. I’m in total shock, awe, and deeply grateful and it made my hectic Monday afternoon a lot more easier to get through. The Liebster Award is a way of recognizing blogs you think are deserving of it, specifically newer/smaller blogs and it’s so cool that you thought of me. Thanks so much! 🙂la

Audrey’s questions for Me:

1. Would you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again? This is a tough one! I think I would never want to be able to write again, which is probably a shocking answer but true. As much as I love blogging about the books I read and writing the fanfic and other stories that I do, I think it would hurt too much to give up on reading different books and going to different worlds through the pages of a book.

2. What is a bookish sport/event that you wish existed in real life? I know this technically already exists (because I was part of a team when I was in college) but I wish Quidditch actually existed. And yes, I know there’s Muggle Quidditch but, wouldn’t it be cool to fly around on brooms and stuff rather than run around with them in between your legs?

3. What is a series that you think is underrated? There’s two that come to mind. The Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard and the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I’m pretty sure that they’re not as underrated as I think they are, but I haven’t seen a lot about them on social media sites as I have for let’s say the Percy Jackson series.

4. What is a book that you liked “before it was cool”? I’m probably going to get a lot of slack for this one, but let me explain. I was fourteen back in 2005 and didn’t know any better, okay? So the book I liked before it was cool was Twilight when it first came out. I was one of those girls who loved the book, counted down for when New Moon then Eclipse then Breaking Dawn came out, and followed the movie casting news religiously. Then the Twi-hards and backlash happened and I just hid it all away into the dark hole of my closet.

5. How do you like to organize your bookshelves? So, usually I’m really OCD about these sort of things and I used to organize my shelves by author’s last name. But as my collection grew, some books by authors (that were part of series too) would fall onto separate shelves, and that would annoy me to no end. So I gave up on that and instead shifted over to stacking by author/series and it helped things out in the long run. You can see images of my shelves here.

6. Who, in your opinion, is the ultimate book villain? I’m going to get real deep on this one. The ultimate book villain can’t be just summed up to one specific character like Voldemort or Levanna. It’s actually death. Think about this for a second, what is the one thing that happens to our most beloved characters that we can’t stand to see? Death and it’s the ultimate villain.

7. What book has a horrible cover but a great story? The Nightshade series/prequels. I love the story and the original cover of Nightshade was beautiful, but the redesigns are just…agh.

8. What is a hyped book/series that you never see yourself reading? Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I know, it’s weird, but to be honest I didn’t love To Kill a Mockingbird, and despite wanting to know what happens to these characters (kind of sort of) I’m not that invested in it.

9. What is a book that you want to seen turned into a movie? I have two! I want to see The Lunar Chronicles made into a movie (even though I have yet to read past Cinder). And I also want there to be a Vampire Academy re-make. The movie wasn’t all that bad (but then again it’s been a while since I’ve read the books) but it wasn’t as awesome as it should have been.

10. What book animal/creature would you like to have as a pet? Hands down, Hedwig from Harry Potter. That owl was amazing!

11. What’s the least amount of pages it took you to decide to not finish a book?  What book and why? The School of Good and Evil took me 20 pages to decide not to finish because I just couldn’t get into the story. It looked good and I was really excited, but when I started reading it I just couldn’t get into the characters or the storyline. So I gave up.

11 Random Facts:

1. I’m a huge Sailor Moon nerd
2. I love to draw.
3. I love to write.
4. I’m the author afallenblackrose on
5. I was 21 before I ever was on an airplane.
6. For my college graduation, I went down to Orlando, Florida to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disney World.
7. I have a reading list that is 556 books long and getting longer.
8. I used to ‘borrow’ books from my classroom libraries when I was younger.
9. I’ve been a Girl Scout for the last 19 years.
10. I love my job because I have so much down time that my boss said that I could read books.
11. I’m not really big into the classics.

I’m supposed to nominate 11 people, but I’m still kind of new at this so I won’t nominate as many. I nominate the following people:

Cheryl over at I ❤ Fictional People
Camyll over at Camyll Reads
Shannon over at Books That Love You Back
Mollye over at mollyeyablog

And here are your questions:

1. What book totally took you by surprise and how?
2. If you could be transported into any world, what world would it be?
3. What kind of character are you (hero/villain, main character/minor, etc.)?
4. If you were ever able to meet your favorite author, who would it be and what would you say to them?
5. Who’s your favorite minor character? Why?
6. What stand-alone book do you feel deserves a sequel?
7. Where do you read?
8. How are your bookshelves organized?
9. Do you ever buy cover reprints?
10. What fictional character do you wish actually existed?
11.  Tell me a funny book story (something that happened at the library/book store/book club or even an interaction on social media).

Thanks again to Audrey for nominating me!


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  1. Love your answers! And thanks so much for the nomination! Means a lot! I will post mine in the next couple days 🙂


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