The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker

18190208Title: The Witch Hunter
Author: Virginia Boecker
Series: The Witch Hunter
Date Read: July 10
Format: Hardcover from library co-op

Elizabeth Grey lives in England back in the 1500s. Only this isn’t the England that we know from books, this version has a different king (Malcolm), an Inquisitor and thirteen rules that govern the land. The recent rule bans all forms of witchcraft, and Elizabeth is a member of the Inquisitor’s witch hunters. She hunts for those who are convicted of witchcraft alongside her best friend since childhood, Caleb. But things take a bad turn when she is found with witch’s herbs and is arrested for witchcraft. She is sentenced to burn, until a mysterious stranger gets her out of prison, his only request is that she help him. This mysterious stranger turns out to be the most wanted wizard in the country and Elizabeth has agreed to helping him break the curse that is slowly killing him. Along the way she starts to wonder if what she’s been taught since birth that witchcraft is evil, isn’t one hundred percent true.

I seem to be on a streak lately when it comes to books. The Witch Hunter is another book that I really found captivating. Right from the first page, you’re drawn into the action and into Elizabeth’s world. You feel her pain, her embarrassment and her anger when she is caught with the herbs. I also felt her indignation for when she explained why she had the herbs to the Inquisitor and he threw her in jail anyway. Um…okay, she had the herbs to make sure that she didn’t produce a royal bastard and you throw her in jail and sentence her to the fire? What the hell? But at the end of the book when the real reason was revealed, I kind of got it.

Speaking of twists, there weren’t all that many and the ones that were in there were kind of predictable. Except for the last one, which kind of leaves this book open for a sequel…

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Enjoyable and pleasant read with believable characters. A lot of action and drama with just a hint of romance. It was beautifully done.

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