Rush by Maya Banks

Untitled-9Title: Rush
Author: Maya Banks
Series: Breathless Trilogy
Date Started: June 11
Date Finished: June 12
Format: Paperback from my local library

There is something about erotica novels that just start a love/hate relationship with me. It could be the plot. It could be the decisions of the characters or it could just be that sometimes I’m conflicted about reading such tales. Rush was no exception to this rule.

Loved: the plot. It’s going to sound weird, but I generally enjoyed the plot of this novel. The reason was because there was no confusion like there was with a certain other BDSM series. Right off the bat, Gabe and Mia come to an understanding, they signed a contract with everything laid out and all questions answered. No hazy gray areas here.

Hated: Mia and Gabe. One thing I should say before I go on my rant about these characters is the fact that I don’t completely hate them. There are some qualities that I actually found quite admirable, but overall as a whole I just couldn’t stand them. Gabe was just way too jaded for my liking. His jealousy was quite annoying, and his behavior for the last hundred pages of the book kind of pissed me off. Mia…I don’t even know where to begin with her. I liked the fact that she wasn’t green, but I hated how soft-hearted she was. It got her into a lot of trouble. I loved that she had a backbone, but not at the right times. When she really needed to be a hard ass, she caved way too easily to her.

Loved: Gabe’s reaction to that one event. So after some major ass drama where his ex-wife accused him of being in love with Mia and an out of country trip to France, he decides to prove her wrong. He institutes the most disgusting clause of the contract and lets the business partners he was wooing to have their fun (touching, but no penetration) with a bound Mia. During this whole scene I was making the most interesting faces while at work (luckily no one was in the office) and I was cursing Gabe out for doing this just to prove a point. However, when Mia screams because someone wasn’t listening about the rules and tries to take her, he goes after the guy and makes certain that he leaves. He takes the best care of her, and in that moment I knew that there was a relationship there that dealt with more than just sex.

Hated: the double fucking standard. Mia’s brother – Jace – is coworkers with Gabe along with their friend Ash. Jace and Ash get into all sorts of kinky shit and don’t even bat an eyelash at the stuff that Gabe likes to do. However, if Jace found out that he was doing those things with his sister the shit would hit the fan. So Mia and Gabe keep their arrangement a secret. Near the end though, they both decide it’s time to tell him because things are getting serious and wait for Jace to come back into town. The moment he does, it isn’t as they planned. He walks in on them while she’s bound and he immediately assumes the worst. After the fall out, he waxes poetic about how this isn’t a healthy relationship and how she shouldn’t be doing this. Mia accuses him of being a hypocrite because of his shennagians and he doesn’t even bat and eye saying that it isn’t the point. Um. Actually? It is.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself with this book and there weren’t too many moments where I wanted to roll my eyes. However, it did still have cringe worthy moments that I really could have done without.

Bookshelf worthy? If you have an e-reader, I suggest it on that. Otherwise, just borrow it from your local library!


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