The Heir by Kiera Cass

TheHeirTitle: The Heir
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection
Previous Books in the Series:
1. The Selection
2. The Elite
3. The One
Date Started: May 26
Date Finished: May 31
Format: ebook from the digital library

It’s been 20 years since Maxon and America had their happy ending, and things have gone on. They had four children, including a set of twins. Eadlyn was the first one born ahead of her brother and because of this the rule that only males can rule was changed. She is going to be the future queen and has been trained to be the future monarch since birth. But things aren’t as simple as everyone thought. Maxon got rid of the caste system, but there are still problems. Unrest and he isn’t sure what to do. He does, however, have an idea. While he comes up with a plan to stop the unrest, he wants to give the country something to be distracted by. And what better way to be distracted than to hold a Selection for Eadlyn?

At first she’s not on board with the idea. She was promised that she would never have to go through that pagentry like her father did, and although she longs for the love her mom and dad have she’s not so sure she can find it the way they did. But, because she knows it’s her duty to her country, she does it anyway. However, even the Selection isn’t as easy as it sounds and she has new obstacles as she tries to find her way not only through her lessons, but through the wall that she has put up over her heart.

I had just decided to reread my way through the Selection trilogy when I learned that there was going to be a fourth story. I was a little flabbergasted and to be honest skeptical. I had thought that at book 3 the story would be over, but after making my way through the three novels I still wasn’t quite sure where Cass was going to take the next book. And to be honest, I’m not sure she should have taken it in this direction. Don’t get me wrong, I liked The Heir. I thought it was rather cute and continued on with the other three novels. I just…I wished that there hadn’t been some plot points and Eadlyn kind of drove me crazy as a narrator most of the time. Just like her mother now that I think about it.

Eadlyn is very closed off and is very reluctant to give her heart to another, which made the first half of her Selection process kind of annoying. She’s spoiled rotten and barely reminds me of either Maxon or America. But it isn’t until she shows how unsure she is about her life that I start to notice some of America in her. The other thing that I was kind of so, so about was the fact that there is no definite direction for which guy she’s going to chose. My money is on either Kile or Erik (yes, I know he isn’t part of the Selection officially but c’mon wouldn’t that be one hell of a twist?).

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. A rather good enjoyable read with one interesting climax. Will America live? Who will Eadlyn chose? And does it really matter if the people are looking to abolish the monarchy? So when exactly is the next book coming out?

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