Unleashed by Sophie Jordan

bookcoverunleashedTitle: Unleashed
Author: Sophie Jordan
Sequel to: Uninvited
Date Started: May 9
Date Finished: May 11
Format: Hardcover from my local library

Davy’s life turned upside down when she tested positive for the Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS) gene. She went from being the perfect girl, to the girl everybody hated because of a tattoo on her neck that marked her as different, a danger to society. When the government rounded up the special HTS carriers and put them in a facility called Mt. Haven, it became evident that they were training everybody there to become killers. And that’s exactly what happened to Davy, she killed someone to protect someone she cares for. She knew though, that she couldn’t stay there and with the help of her friends Sean, Gil and Sabine they escaped and are waiting to cross over into Mexico.

But things have changed for Davy again. Sean and her used to be close, he used to be her rock that she held onto when things were getting tough while adjusting to this new life. But ever since she killed for him, she can’t stand to be near him. She’s haunted by the ghost of the man she killed and she is very close to breaking. She just wants to go back to normal, and she’s hoping that by going to Mexico to get a new start that will all be possible. However, on the way there, the border patrol catches them and begins shooting. Davy is hit and falls into the water. She washes ashore to find someone watching her. This guy, rescued her and takes her back to an underground bunker where she learns about more carriers who are hiding out. They’re the resistance and one of their leaders – Caden – wants her to stay and help them.

Unleashed doesn’t waste anytime in picking up where Uninvited left off and right from the get go you can tell that things aren’t the way they were left at the end of the last book. Davy is finally coming to terms with the consequences of what she did while at Mt. Haven and unfortunately that means pushing away Sean. I think that’s why Jordan decided to separate the group, and I’m kind of glad that she did. Caden’s group of people help Davy get back to somewhat normal and she definitely develops a new love interest. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s been almost a year since I’ve read the last book so I don’t remember the characters all that well, but when she does fall for the new guy I was kind of excited, even though I know she was still kind of sort of involved with Sean.

The pace was good, my only real complaint was that there wasn’t much of a climax. Sure you had the mystery of who the mole was within the compound, but I think the real drama would have been better if Jordan had focused to what was going on outside the compound with the General and the President as they tried to get rid of the prison camps and the discrimination of the carriers. You got a hint of what was going on, but I think there should have been something more…

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. A pretty good read that just didn’t focus on the right things for me and ended rather abruptly.

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