Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

TwiceTemptedTitle: Twice Tempted
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Series: The Night Prince
Previous Book in the Series:
1. Once Burned
Date Started: May 2
Date Finished: May 9
Format: ebook from the digital library

The last we left Leila, she had just discovered that due to Vlad trying to protect her with his essence, she was now fireproof and her psychic abilities were gone. A few weeks later, she is testing to see if she still has his essence by putting her hand into a lit fireplace. She doesn’t feel a thing, meaning that she’s still got part of Vlad’s essence around her, which is a good thing considering the vampire himself has been pretty MIA lately. In fact, things between the two of them haven’t been all that great. Leila knows that she loves him, but he’s already told her that she shouldn’t and he can’t offer her much more than being his lover.

But it looks like things are all about to change when Vlad holds a dinner, inviting most of his vampire line, and Leila’s father and sister. After the dinner, he presents her with a ring box. She thinks it’s an engagement ring. It’s not. Instead it’s Vlad’s family crest, he’s offering her a position in his line. Humiliated Leila leaves the room, but that doesn’t stop Vlad from following her. What follows is an intense conversation where she finally realizes that he was right, he’s never going to offer her anything more than being his lover, and she decides that it’s time for her to leave. The following week she’s back at the circus and is trying to earn her spot back when the trailer where she usually stays with Marty explodes. Someone is trying to kill her and it may just be the vampire she just left behind…

Twice Tempted was a good read and as always the characters are just downright amazing. I can’t believe Leila actually had the balls to leave Vlad when she realized that he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. But, also, shame on her for thinking that Vlad would ever try to kill her. I know he threatened to when they first met, but c’mon! That was before she became his lover, he obviously cares and wouldn’t try to kill her. I don’t think he’s really that kind of guy. Also, considering her powers, I was really surprised that she thought her ‘dreams’ with Vlad were really dreams. After how many years of having these psychic abilities you really think your discussions with Vlad are just dreams? Girl, get a grip!

As for Vlad…well, I think I’ve just found a new favorite vampire. Bones, eat your heart out. His despair after learning that Leila was ‘dead’ was just so tear worthy and the fact that he was willing to do anything to make sure that she would come back was really cute. His declaration of love was also very swoon worthy. Who knew the fireball had it in him? As for that ending though, things are about to get very interesting and why is it characters just can’t stay dead in these books? I guess we’ll find out!

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason this book isn’t getting five stars is because I wasn’t too big a fan of Leila’s transformation. For one thing it was way too soon and for another how come she so easily agreed to becoming a vampire? Obviously that relationship was going to head in that direction eventually, but…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just used to Cat’s story where it took six books before she even became a full vampire under much persuasion.

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