Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

13599291Title: Dance of the Red Death
Author: Bethany Griffin
Sequel to: Masque of the Red Death
Date Started: May 8
Date Finished: May 9
Format: Hardcover from my local library co-op

The rebellion has started. The Red Death has been unleashed. People are dying and the city is falling into ruins. And Araby Worth is in a place she didn’t think she would ever be. She’s with Elliott, April, and Will fighting for the rebellion, to overthrow Prince Prospero. She never thought of herself as a hero, but that’s what she is now. Her father is a murderer, confessing to being the one who created the Weeping Sickness and the Red Death, and the people want his head. Her mother has been taken by the prince, and Araby has to find a way to cure her friend April who has the contagion and save the city from Prospero and the Red Death.

But even though she is with Elliott and Will, she knows that she can’t trust either of them. Elliott she’s known not to trust since the beginning, even though he’s admitted to slowly falling for her. But she knows better. He only wants her because she’s the scientist’s daughter and a worthy companion for his cause. Will, the one she thought she was falling for, betrayed her to Malcontent – the other rebellion group who’s plan is to use the contagion as their weapon. She gets why he did it, but it will still take her a long time to forgive. And in the meantime she has a lot to do. The only way to save the city is to find a mysterious device that Prospero had made to cleanse the water, even though no one knows where it is or if it even works. But they have to try.

This book wasted no time in picking up where the last one left off, and the action never seemed to stop. If Araby and friends weren’t being shot down, they were being hunted by Malcontent’s assassin or crocodiles, and if that wasn’t enough there was also the tension that spread from having your two love interests – who really aren’t, well, at least one of them – in the same space. Books like this make for some awesome reading. The thing that I loved most about this series was Araby’s character development. When we first met her she was very passive, sad, and ignorant to the things that were going on around her, not really Katniss Everdeen material. But then as she kept getting sent on tasks and falling for Will, she really grew. Her growth was really evident in this book as she tried her damnedest to find a way to save April, find out what her father had done, and tried to take down Prince Prospero. The Araby who was in the beginning of Masque would not have been able to play Prospero’s game like she did at the end of Dance. I am very impressed.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason this book isn’t getting a five-star rating is because the ending wasn’t quite an ending. This book didn’t end like an end of a series book should. There’s too much room for other things to happen. What happens afterward with the election? How does the city recover? It was touched on, briefly, but I think Griffin could honestly get away with another book – or at least a novella.

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