Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

7171876Title: Fallout
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Series: Crank Trilogy
Previous Books Reviews:
1. Crank
2. Glass
Date Started: April 13
Date Finished: April 14
Format: Hardcover from my local library

We all know the tale of Kristina/Bree. She got addicted to the monster and got in way over her head with the drug. She got pregnant. She fell in love. She pushed away the people she loved in favor of the drug. She stole from her mother. She got arrested. She got pregnant again. And that’s where her tale ended for us. But when Fallout begins we get introduced to Hunter – Kristina’s first born – and he’s already 19. We also get introduced to Autumn – Kristina’s daughter with Trey – and Summer – Kristina’s daughter with?? All three children are trying to navigate their lives even though there mother was Kristina.

Hunter is probably the best situated out of all the kids. He’s in college doing pretty well, he’s DJing, and he’s got a stellar girlfriend. Kristina’s mother – Marie – adopted him when he was kid so she could take care of him. She also became a bestselling author because of her tales about her daughter and how it affected the family. But Hunter is still left wondering a lot of things. He wonders that if his mother ever loved him. He wants to know who his father really is, and does in fact run into him. What I found interesting about his character was how he tried really hard not to make the same mistakes that Kristina did, but sometimes he made them anyway. Like when he lets his radio DJ personality get the best of him and sleeps with one of his fans. The fact that he takes pills to get through a crazy family drama ridden Thanksgiving. Wasn’t that how Kristina started?

Autumn isn’t too far off from Hunter. She lives with her grandfather (Trey’s dad) and her aunt Cora. She kind of reminds me of myself. She’s got OCD and gets panic attacks. She’s used to her normal life and talking to her aunt. But her aunt finds herself a new guy and they get married. A new kid comes to town and takes an interest in Autumn and she’s very nervous about the whole ideal. She also gets to meet her mother for the first time ever and finds out about her brothers and sister. My only complaint with Autumn’s story was how quick she was to have Bryce – her boyfriend – take care of her and the fact that she wasn’t all that panicked when they had sex for the first time without protection. She wanted to get pregnant with his kid. Um…yikes?

Summer is the worst off of the three. She lives with foster families and tries to protect her fellow foster sisters from each other and sometimes the dad in the household. She tells of her experience of how she lost her innocence and it’s really disturbing. Out of the three kids I couldn’t figure out who her dad was. He sounded like Trey’s cousin that Kristina hooked up with while Trey was away in school, but I think he’s a little too young to be that guy. Summer is dating this guy named Matt but she’s really interested in his best friend Kyle. She strings both of them along until she realizes that that is something that her mother would do and she doesn’t want to be anything like her mother. So she picks Kyle even though I think he’s a bit possessive of her. She’s not some toy that you stole from your best friend, dude. She’s a person. But in the end he does turn out to be really sweet.

My big complaint with this book was the fact that it lacked any real closure. Sure you had this huge reunion scene with all five of Kristina’s kids with there mom and Kristina apologized for being so f’ed up, but I don’t know. I found it lacking something as I read it. Hunter’s storyline was a perfect conclusion, but Autumn and Summer’s wasn’t. Autumn was in the beginning stages of pregnancy when she goes for this holiday reunion. What happened with that? Did Bryce accept responsibility? Did she keep it? Summer’s storyline was kind of packed up in a brief article clip about Marie and Kristina delaying work on their novel, but I still want to know what happened with Kyle.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Just as powerful as the first two novel, probably even more so since it shows the children that Kristina’ left behind. Just wish that things had been tied up a little neater for some of the characters.

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