Wake by Lisa McMann

Title: Wake
Author: Lisa McMann
Series: Dream Catcher
Date Started: April 12
Date Finished: April 12
Format: ebook from the digital library

I really, really love books that are a quick read. Books that don’t spend all that much time explaining situations to you and just have the reader dive head first into what’s going on. Wake is definitely one of those books. You meet Janie, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who is poor compared to her other rich classmates and who’s mom is a drunk. Since she was eight years old, she has this uncanny ability to fall into other people’s dreams if they fall asleep around her. Not too big of a deal, but the problem is it happens to Janie even when she’s awake. What happens is she loses her ability to see and then she crashes into the person’s dream. It’s a strange ability that has caused her to be labeled as such from her classmates who don’t fully grasp what she can do.

But that’s okay, because in less than a year she’s going to get out and go to college. But first she has to deal with her classmates nightmares and one person in particular. Cabel. He’s been the other strange kid in the class since he flunked out and into Janie’s grade in freshman year. They’ve always been kind to each other, there was this one time during the homecoming dance where he gave her a lift home on his skateboard. At the start of senior year though he’s different and a lot of their class think that’s he’s a new kid. During their study hall in the library, Cabel takes naps and Janie can see his dream. His nightmare where he’s being yelled at by a man and then there’s gas and flame before a monster with knifes appears.

Cabel is with her on a school trip when she experiences her dreams and he accidentally falls into one with her. He doesn’t understand what he is seeing until Janie explains her gift. What follows is really a cute story as Janie tries to use this power to change the dreams and Cabel still deals with his nightmare while also trying to help her.

This book took me three hours to read on Sunday night. From the get go Wake had me hooked with this strange power of Janie’s and I really loved the brief explanation of how she discovered this gift. What really drew me in was the connection between her and Cabel. They’re a lot a like and when she falls into his dream of them kissing I couldn’t help but go ‘aw’ a lot. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance. Although I was a little nervous when Cabel gets freaked out by Janie’s power and doesn’t seem to talk to her until after the school trip. But even then it was made all okay when he takes it in stride. How else is someone supposed to react when they find out the girl they’ve been crushing on can fall into his dreams?

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. I still have a lot of questions. Why does Janie have this gift? What exactly is this gift? What does Mrs. Stubin have to do with this? Will Janie and Cabel last? Also I loved the attention to detail that McMann put to Janie and Cabel, but she sort of glossed over the other characters. Sure, you get Janie’s best friend Cassie, but you don’t really know all that much about her. Curiouser and curiouser.

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