Abandoned: Half Wild by Sally Green

Title: Half Wild
Author: Sally Green
Series: Half Bad Trilogy
Previous Book Review:
1. Half Bad
Date Started: April 5
Date Given Up: April 11
Format: ebook from the digital library

Does anyone else get a really bad feeling in your gut whenever you give up on a book? Or am I just incredibly weird? Because I do get that feeling and that’s why I try not to do it all that often. I’m the kind of person who tries to stick it out unless it gets really bad. Half Wild was going to be one of those books. It sort of already started when I got the e-mail from the library that let me know the book had become available. I wasn’t excited to go and download it and start the next book of this series. I didn’t even remember Half Bad – the first book in the series. But I downloaded it anyway and started reading hoping that it would all come back to me.

Good news, it did, but bad news is I couldn’t give less of a damn about Nathan, Gabriel and the new characters that got introduced. I mean, honestly, when Nathan becomes his monster (part of his Gift now that it’s been awakened) and causes all this death I should care that he’s causing these deaths, right? But somehow I couldn’t find myself to care. That’s a problem. Also problematic is when *spoiler alert* Gabriel and Nathan kiss I should have been jumping for joy, but it sort of fell flat. When that happened I knew I had a problem and gave up on reading. I returned the book and have felt kind of icky about it ever since.

But if I don’t care about the characters and their actions then obviously I needed to stop reading and just move on. Right?

Final Rating: N/A I know I said I was going to continue on with this series in my review for Half Bad, but… I just can’t. The characters fell flat and the plot was kind of up in the air. They needed to save Annalise from Mercury by teaming up with another bad witch who knew Nathan’s dad Marcus and has the knife that can kill them? Ugh.

Bookshelf worthy? I’m passing on this one.


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