Talon by Julie Kagawa

17331828Title: Talon
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: Talon Saga
Date Started: April 10
Date Finished: April 11
Format: Hardcover from my local library

Between Game of Thrones and the Heart of Dread series, I feel like I’m running into dragons everywhere I go lately. What is it about these majestic creatures that has all of us so intrigued? The answer doesn’t become any clearer in Talon, the first book of a new fantasy series by Julie Kagawa.

This book follows the tales of Ember Hill – a dragon hatchling who is trying to assimilate into the human world over the summer – Garret Sebastian – a member of the dragon hunting society St. George – and Riley – a rogue dragon on the run. Ember has always craved freedom and this summer is her chance, but the problem is that even this ‘freedom’ has strings attached. Her guardians for the summer won’t allow her to fly (to big of a risk), want her home by midnight, and are always watching her and her brother, reporting their movements back to Talon (the organization of dragons). One false move and they could be taken back for retraining. Something that neither of them wants. But Ember isn’t happy with these constraints, so instead of flying she picks the next best thing – surfing. Assimilating with the humans is easy, until she runs into Riley the rogue who takes an interest in her and Garret who isn’t quite what he seems either.

Garret is undercover this summer, St. George has heard about a sleeper dragon and they know that while in their human form they are at their weakest. Garret’s mission is to find the sleeper and take her/him out. He starts following Ember, but there’s something unusual about her that even if she was a dragon he can’t explain. He feels slightly attracted towards her, but he knows that nothing can really come of it if she really is the sleeper. That doesn’t stop either of them from trying though. Riley, on the other hand, gives Ember something that she craves desperately. He gives her the chance to fly and the answers to questions she can’t get anywhere else. He shows her that there is a dangerous side to Talon that they aren’t telling her everything and that she needs to get out before it’s too late.

There is just something about Julie Kagawa’s writing that I fall for every time. Whether she’s writing about faeries, vampires, or even now dragons, I fall head first into the world she creates and I can’t seem to put the books down. It usually takes me a while to warm up to new characters, but not with Ember, Garret and Riley. The way Kagawa describes them and puts you right into their world, I fell for them hook line and sinker. Ember, the rebel who craves freedom. Garret, the perfect soldier who’s never really had fun until he meets Ember. Riley, the slightly dangerous rebel with a cause to protect those who have been wronged. Usually when it comes to YA and love triangles I roll my eyes and curse the authors for writing such a predictable plot line. And yet…this was one love triangle I could get behind. In fact, I’m so attached to these characters that I’m not sure if I can pick a ‘team’ to be on.

As the mystery unravels about Talon’s true intentions, Garret’s loyalties, and Riley’s purpose I found myself totally engrossed. My boss actually had to remind me to leave work on Friday! The one thing that I’m still curious about though is if Ember and Dante (her brother) didn’t come from the same womb, how exactly are they brother and sister? I wish that that would be explained in the next book.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like this book because the premise was sort of similar to the Firelight trilogy, but I was happily surprised. I’m curious to see where Rogue goes and whether or not Ember, Garret and Riley survive.

Bookshelf worthy? I’m running out of room!


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