Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Title: Beautiful Bastard
Author: Christina Lauren
Series: Beautiful Bastard
Date Started: March 23
Date Finished: March 24
Format: ebook from the digital library

Beautiful Bastard is one of those weird books for me where it wasn’t really recommended. I kept seeing it at Target every time I went to go pick up something and was always interested with the summary (and the cover art, monochromatic with just a slash of color), but my local library (and the co-op) didn’t have any copies in. I was too skeptical to buy, because my shelves are already filled to the brim as it is, and what if I didn’t like it? So when the digital library got all three books in a few weeks ago, I immediately put a hold out on this one, and oh wow was it worth the wait.

Chloe Mills is working her way towards her MBA while interning at Ryan Media Group. She’s worked for the eldest Ryan, his older son Henry, and was really excited to work for Bennett until she met him. They don’t get along and they absolutely hate each other. He has massive tantrums and always criticizes her work (even her handwriting). But Chloe refuses to quit. She just needs a few more months before she gets her degree and can hopefully get any job that she wants. But things don’t always go to plan.

After an already crappy day – being rear ended by a car, late to work, overwhelming workload – Bennett makes her give her presentation as a practice run with just him in the conference room. Halfway through her presentation, he touches her. Not sure what to think, Chloe stands frozen until he commands her to turn around and face him. When she does, they have incredibly hot sex on the conference room table and then up against the windows. Apparently, all that anger towards her was actually sexual frustration and Bennett had hoped that by sleeping with her once, he’d be able to get it out of his system. But it doesn’t. If anything it only makes him want her more and what follows are several hot sessions, while they try to figure out exactly what is going on between them and how it will impact Chloe’s career.

Like I said before, this book was well worth the wait. It had me hooked from the very first chapter when I came home from work on Monday and out of a possible 20 chapters, I read up to chapter 16 that night before I went to sleep. I just could not put it down. The sex scenes were incredibly hot and the relationship that developed between Bennett and Chloe was not the standard relationship of most eroticas. Sure, he’s a high up businessman and she’s his intern, but there aren’t talks about contracts or the discussion of more until they go off to California for a conference (which also, coincidentally, is the first time they actually have sex in a bed) and have a real heart to heart weekend near the end of the book. I could have honestly have dealt without Chloe’s fear of such a commitment and her quitting her internship when they got back to Chicago, but I think it added to the final climax (no pun intended).

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I didn’t realize how bad I was clamoring for a romance novel until I started reading this one. A very well executed novel (that was originally fanfiction!) and I can’t wait to read the sequel, which from what I’m reading of the summary isn’t quite a sequel. But if Christina Lauren handle those characters like they handled Chloe and Bennett, I’m pretty sure I’m in for another fantastic ride.

Bookshelf worthy? Oh, if I only had the room!


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