Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Title: Glass
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Series: Crank Trilogy
Previous Book Review:
1. Crank
Date Started: March 5
Date Finished: March 8
Format: ebook from the digital library

The last we left Kristina Snow she was recovering from her addiction to crank, had a baby boy named Hunter, and she had let Chase go off to California. When Glass begins, it’s three months later and Kristina seems to be doing all right. Hunter is growing nicely. Her mom, brother and stepfather are helping her with the baby. But she’s going a little stir crazy. She misses Chase. She misses going outside. And from time to time she even misses that little white drug. Once you try it it’s hard to get out. Sensing her restlessness, her mother allows her a night out on the town, but little does she know what her daughter is actually up to.

Kristina gives her old friend Robyn a call, and there she not only reintroduces herself to the monster and her alter ego Bree but she meets a dealer as well. His name is Trey and he’s fine, but she doubts that he would be interested in her due to her post-baby body. But that doesn’t stop Bree from trying. With one quick hit of the monster, Kristina/Bree are up to their old tricks, but this time things aren’t as easy as they were before.

I have never before wanted to hit a narrator so bad as I wanted to hit Kristina in Glass. I cringed with each bad decision that she made and I really felt for her mom, her brother and her son Hunter. You have a baby now and you’re really going to go back to that life? That life that almost killed you and had you locked up for a few hours? How dumb can you be? I really wanted to hit her when she started selling the stuff and started to get together with Trey and then his cousin Brad. And you wonder why your boss at the 7-11 thought you were a whore. You’re really starting to prove it to him.

I think the biggest moments in this book were when Kristina runs into Chase for the first time and he winds up being married with a kid of his own on the way. If Kristina had gone off the deep end then I think I might have felt a little sorry for her. Maybe. But by that point I was just like ‘just another reason for Kristina to keep using.’ The second biggest moment of this book was the ending. Just when you thought Kristina could get no lower than screwing over a drug cartel, she gets arrested, forced to turn states evidence against her dealer and she finds out that she is pregnant again. I was really happy that Glass ended at that point or else I wouldn’t have been able to continue on.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. This book is less powerful than the first one. Still a good read and show of how bad drug users can really get. Curious to see what book 3 has in store.

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