Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Title: Mortal Heart
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: His Fair Assassin Trilogy
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. Grave Mercy
2. Dark Triumph
Date Started: February 19
Date Finished: February 22
Format: ebook from the digital library

Like with Dark Triumph, Mortal Heart really isn’t a sequel. It takes place in the same world with the same characters but the narrator again is different. This time around we follow the story from Annith’s point of view. She’s friends with Ismae and Syabella, but unlike the two she hasn’t been sent out on a mission yet even though she’s been at the convent the longest. She fears that the abbess will keep her there to become the convent’s new Seer and she doesn’t want that. She wants to be like her friends and fellow sisters and go out on a mission. When it becomes abundantly clear that that won’t happen (confirmation from the abbess and a young member of the convent being sent out onto a mission), Annith decides to take matters into her own hands.

She rides out to confront the abbess who has gone to court, but gets a little sidelined. On her first night on her own, she runs across the hellequins – the demon riders from the Underworld who escort the souls marked – and fears that they are hunting her because she ran from the convent. But they aren’t. If anything the lead – Balthazar – takes her into the group to make sure that she is well protected. But not everything is as it seems. Even as she starts to slowly fall for the man, she discovers that he may actually be hunting her and takes off during the day. She arrives at court – with some help from the followers of a different God, the name escapes me at the moment – and faces the abbess with her accusations and the real reason for why she has been held back from missions eventually comes out.

As a reader who has read many, many books it is really hard to surprise me with twists. Those books that do get really high marks from me. Mortal Heart was one of those books. Annith’s true origins were some what a mystery to me except for maybe the true god that she should be following. As for Balthazar, I literally gasped out loud when his true nature was revealed. I didn’t see it coming and even looking back I couldn’t see any true clues that LaFevers left. Other than Ismae, Annith was pretty much my favorite character in this trilogy and I was really excited to see not only her story end happily, but Ismae’s as well. Although Ismae’s wedding to Duval would have been really nice to see, instead it just ends on their engagement! How disappointing, maybe a novella?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason this book doesn’t get a full 5 stars is because the beginning was rather slow and dry. It wasn’t until Annith starts to rebel a little that things got really interesting. There were also a few times where the politics of this book went a little bit over my head. But all in all still a good read.

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