Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

clubdead1Title: Club Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse
Previous Novel(s) Reviews:
1. Dead Until Dark
2. Living Dead in Dallas
Date Started: February 9
Date Finished: February 11
Format: Mass-trade paperback from my shelf that I bought used.

It’s a few weeks until Christmas in Bon Temps, and although it’s said to be the most wonderful time of the year, this year it’s not. Sookie is having problems with her boyfriend. He’s more interested in his computer these days than in her. When she finally asks him what he’s up to, he doesn’t tell her, but instead makes her promise that when he leaves for a trip to ‘Seattle’ and if something happens to him that she takes his computer and disks and protect them. She agrees knowing that he is lying to her about going to Seattle. She doesn’t think much of it until Pam shows up at Merlotte’s and tells her that Bill is missing.

What follows is a weird chain of events. Apparently, Sookie was right to believe that Bill wasn’t going to Seattle. Instead he was going to Mississippi for the Queen of Louisiana. While there he ran into an old vampire lover of his – Lorena – and took up with her again. He had called Eric and Pam to tell them that he was going to stay with her permanently and that he needed to settle accounts with Sookie so that way she was taken care of. Upon hearing this information, Sookie is hurt, but she isn’t hurt enough to not go to Jackson, Mississippi to look for signs of Bill. The werewolf that escorts her – Alcide – is quite the charmer himself and when they get to Jackson things are not as they seem.

I think out of the 3 Sookie Stackhouse novels that I’ve read this week, I loved Club Dead the best. Sookie is finally realizing that Bill isn’t the perfect vampire that she thought him to be – although with those previous separations how could she think he was? – and maybe it’s time for some distance between the two of them. When she learns about his fling with Lorena she’s even more determined to break things off. Luckily for her she has a few possible contenders for the spot. Eric, the charmer as always, finds no pleasure in telling Sookie about Bill’s indiscretion, which I found really interesting actually. Yes, he said it was because he wasn’t sure that she would help look for him if she knew, but I’m still kind of shocked that he didn’t want to tell her that considering his attraction towards her. Alcide is really nice too, but he comes with some baggage considering that he’s still not over his ex Debbie. But that doesn’t stop him from making the moves on Sookie.

I think this was the first book that I generally hated Bill Compton. I mean, in the previous two I was sort of indifferent to him, but in this one I was just flabbergasted by his actions. He claims to love Sookie, but then he goes around and cheats on her? Then when she does end up rescuing him from Russell Edgington he has the audacity to feed off of her and rape her. Granted he was severely injured but jeez dude. Not cool. Another thing that I liked in this book – the whole series really – is the character of Bubba who is really Elvis undead. The scenes with him in it are just downright hilarious.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Funny, intense, and pretty entertaining book. My only complaint is that Sookie really needs to stop degrading herself. I mean, your boyfriend cheated on you and you feel bad for kissing not only Alcide but Eric too? Girl, your morals don’t need to be that high.

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