Captive by Aimée Carter

CaptiveTitle: Captive
Author: Aimée Carter
Series: Blackcoat Rebellion
Previous Book(s) Review:
Book 1: Pawn
Date Started: February 3
Date Finished: February 9
Format: ebook from the digital library

Twists and turns abound in the second book of the Blackcoat Rebellion series. Kitty Doe is still adjusting to living as Lila Hart – the Prime Minister’s daughter – and she’s also still getting used to the fact that nothing is what it seems in this world of hers. The Prime Minister was killed in an accident a few months ago and yet his replacement has his face. Lila’s fiancé Knox isn’t what he seems to be either…or is he? Kitty doesn’t know and she doesn’t have the time to find out. The Blackcoat Rebellion isn’t succeeding and they need her help to turn it around. One night she breaks into the Prime Minister’s office and finds files not only on the original Minister but on herself as well.

She hands hers over to Knox for him to read to her, but he doesn’t tell her everything except this. Augusta – the Prime Minister’s mom – has been watching Kitty for a while. Before that information can sink in the Prime Minister figures out that it was her that broke into his office and finally decides that it’s time that Lila Hart doesn’t exist anymore. But instead of killing her like she hopes, he has Knox shoot her best friend/boyfriend Benji. The pain is too much and she blacks out. When she awakes she’s still alive but she’s no longer in the capital. She’s in Elsewhere – a prison – and the rules of the game have changed now that she’s a captive.

This book took me forever to get through and it wasn’t because it wasn’t good. It was. I just was having a hard time remembering what had happened in Pawn. Once I had a general grasp it was easy to go through. But the twists and turns in this book had me nursing a headache every so often too. Like what are Knox’s intentions? Is he really who he seems and why did he team up with the Prime Minister to help get rid of Kitty and kill Benji? I want to tell you that it all becomes clear at the end of Captive, but it really doesn’t. If anything it just gets more muddled. Also the whole situation of Elsewhere is just…wow. I mean, think of District 12 during Catching Fire when the new Peacekeepers come and that’s pretty much what Elsewhere is like. But even this place has been infiltrated by the Rebellion. Yikes.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Still a pretty good read. Kitty is less annoying than in Pawn and she’s way stronger too! If I had been her when Benji died I don’t think I would have been able to carry on. As for the last two twists at the end there, I’m kind of curious to see what Carter does with those in Queen, which is supposed to come out in November.

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