Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Title: Crank
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Series: Crank Trilogy
Date Started: February 2
Date Finished: February 3
Format: ebook from the digital library

To be honest, I’ve read this book years ago back when I was in eighth grade. Back then the message was powerful and even now when I’m older the message is just as powerful. This is a tale about addiction and how even though you think you’ve got the best of it, it can still mess up your life.

Kristina is spending three weeks with her father thanks to a custody case. Her father isn’t the same guy that she remembers from all those years ago. He isn’t her ‘daddy’ – he’s more like the guy who donated sperm to create her. He’s trying to get his life together even though he’s in his forties. He is addicted to nicotine. He drinks. And occasionally he does drugs. He doesn’t cook and the best they do every night is some sort of fast food. Most days he leaves her alone as he goes to work at a bowling alley.

While she’s alone she runs into a neighbor – Adam (or Buddy as he likes to go by) – and she introduces herself as Bree. Bree is the other side of Kristina. The side that takes more chances. The side that is more daring where Kristina would have said no. It’s Bree who takes that first step into a dark world and it all starts with Buddy. He’s dating someone but takes an interest in her. He tempts her with cigarettes and his kisses until eventually he introduces her to the monster – or crack. She takes a hit and is instantly hooked. Not only on the drug but on Buddy too.

Three weeks goes by fast when she does drugs – even with her own dad – and Buddy and her have to part. Back at home she puts Bree away and becomes Kristina again. But not for long. Buddy calls and breaks it off with her. She meets a cute lifeguard at the pool. She meets the resident bad boy at the pool. Both like Bree. The bad boy also likes Kristina. Her mom approves of the life guard. The life guard turns out to be an ass. And Kristina dives deeper into a dark world. Only this time there are consequences.

I forgot how quick of a read this book is even though the book is rather long – the paperback is 500 some pages and on my tablet the ebook is 600 in a medium sized font. It helps that the narrative of Crank is written in verse so you turn the pages rather quickly. Kristina’s tale is a dark one and there are times where I do feel bad for her. I’ve been in her situation where she’s trying to become someone else while in a new place. But to go to this extent was kind of…extreme? I guess is the word I’m looking for.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Chase is a good character. He’s strong and reliable and is just the kind of person Kristina needs. I think it’s big of him to step up for her when the baby wasn’t his. With the ending though, I’m kind of nervous to see if Kristina stays clean now that she has a child to take care of.

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